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2nd DWC Grow Autoflower Mix

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Staring my first journal and excited about this grow. So, to start off, lets give the set-up.

Homemade box: 6"x3"x5" made of 4x4's and black plastic sheeting covered on inside by reflective mylar=Ghetto but efficient. Proud of myself actually

Lighting= 1k watt Hortlix Super Hps with Phantom 1k watt dimmable ballast

Dwc buckets= 4 Rootspa buckets w/60lpm air pump one homemade homer bucket w/ airstones(2)

Media= Sure to grow cubes in ten inch netpots

Ventilation= oscillating fan Have a inline fan but didnt hook up

Strains running: (1)Cream of the crop Cash Crop
(1)Heavyweight Massive Midget
(1)OO Seeds Auto Chocolate Skunk
(2)Bomb Seeds Thc Bomb Autos

Nutes and additives= House and Garden Aqua Flakes A&B, H&G RE, Flying Skull Z7 part 1 and 2, Tap water sitting out overnight and using beta chlorine drops for the chlorine. Also ordered some Gold Zone from Amazon which is taking forever, so i'll use my Z7 until it comes. I have some of the fox farm solubles which ill throw in when the time comes. So, as of now the beans are in cups of ph'd water with some H&G RE. I also have my grodan rockwool sitting in ph'd water as well. Tomorrow night, I will rinse out my buckets, get them filled with water and everything should be ready to rock-n-roll. I had success with this method on my first Think Different run and did more research and some tweaks here and there. Will get some pics of my set-up and things once I get more accustomed with this site.:blunt:
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So got my buckets and netpots rinsed out. Added water to the buckets and set up my air lines. Also put took my beans from the glasses they were sitting in and put them in the ph'd rockwool cubes. Got my media saturated and into the netpots and set everything up. So, not really day one yet and nothing has popped, but i'm off to the races so
on. I'll see how many pop up, hopefully all.:adore:
I'm sad I can't find that kind of buckets easily here where I live. The only way to get them is to ask for used paint buckets, and would still have to paint them black and get all that crusted ink out. I'm thinking of using 20gal plastic "boxes" painted black (i get them easy here) and get 2 ladies per tote at 6' netpot each. I hope to be getting the same kind of result as you.
Are you top-feeding for early stages, until you get your roots touching the water? Or do you just get the water level at about 3 inches from the bottom of your netpot so the bubbles sprinkle the medium?
What do you find of that air-pump (45l/h) with 6 outlets? Does it create enough bubbling for each bucket? What about noise?

I loved your 1st crop results on 1 plant! Congratulations

Thank you for your time, and good luck over there. If you have the time, please step by my journal and give me your 2 cents.
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I will def watch the hotspots. This is the stage I fear most, I'm really impatient. LOL. My two Thc Bomb's have poked their beautiful heads up and I checked the rockwool for the chocolate skunk, the massive midget, and the Cash Crop. All have nice taproots and seem to be coming along fine. The rockwool isn't too wet and the saran wrap over the netpots seem to be giving a nice humidity dome for my babies. Like I said I'm impatient. I'm ready for the roots to come through the netpot so I can turn on my airpumps and get this going. I am going to continue to monitor and give ph water and RE until I see roots. Got my light on 60% 18/6 btw.
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100% Germination

All have poked their heads above the rockwool and soon roots will be into the netpots. I'm very pleased.:55:
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Nothing really to report. All seem to be doing fine. I have one of my THC Bombs with the roots into the water and all should be right behind. My Chocolate Skunk seems a lil deformed, but that doesnt concern me. Just want bud from each plant. Get a lil taste from all of them, you know! We will see. I'll put up some pics when they all reach the water and start taking off.
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Just a quick update. Most all are coming along. I have a very long root coming from my Thc Bomb #1. All the others have not reached the water but are growing crazy through the sides of the rockwool. Temps are 77-81 during the day with 50-60 RH. Have a fan on them and at night the temps are 63-65. I gave a very small dose of Aqua Flakes A and B yesterday. I put about 10ml of both in a gallon jug and used a syringe to give them a lil taste. My cash crop seems to be doing the worst but still growing roots and leaves are getting bigger so I'll see what happens. Ph is 5.8. Gonna let them go for a while then change soup and add the gold zone.
Cash Crop

Massive Midget

Thc Bomb #1

Thc Bomb #2

Cash Crop
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Decided to check in. All is OK, I guess. They seem to be doing ok, water temps may be a lil warm but getting nice roots and leaf development on all except my cash crop. Ph is stable and gave them their first good feeding of H&G Aqua Flakes A&B at about 5ml per. Also added my Gold Range Zone t the soup and pumped up my light to 75%. So I'm thinking day 10, but more or less will go by the plants and not worry too much about the days. Hoping all take off and everything goes smooth. The order they are in are from top left(chocolate skunk, massive midget, thc bomb, thc bomb and the lil lady is the cash crop.
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Day 16 Things aren't looking good for my cash crop and one of my thc bombs. The cash crop may need some more oxygen as my air pump for that one is crap, and the thc bomb was really yellow so I checked ph and it seemed really low, so ph dowened and hoping for improvement. Here is a pic of them all. Cash Crop, massive midget, thc bomb #1, thc bomb #2, chocolate skunk from top left to bottom.
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So day 27 and things are fine. All are coming along at different speeds which sucks, but oh well. Only two have autoflowered so I switched to 12/12 last night to kick start the other 3. My CC and chocolate skunk have preflowers but are not filled in. May still pull some good bud though. One of my thc bomb autos was overfed and recovering nicely while the other is frigging huge. Atleast 2×2 already with no signs of sex. Then my massive midget is nice and bushy with no signs either. Hoping they all show by the first, so I can pump up my light to 100% and enjoy the ride. Ph 5.8 feeding by feel lightly and rh 50-62%. Temps are 77-79 and 64 at lights off. Pic.
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Oh, imo, these rootspa buckets are pretty sweet. No air stones and get these plants huge. I havent changed my res on 3, so may do that today.
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Well, I didn't control my stretch and my chocolate skunk is huge and thin. Hoping it buds nice still. All others are starting great as well. I'll get a pic up soon. They are really taking up the whole tent and should come along fine. Day 39.