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2nd Grow - 130W LED - 2 Autos - Low Cost Micro


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1 Baby Boom Auto - Kannabia seeds
1 B. Lee Auto - Kannabia seeds

Soil - Compo universal soil
Nutes - Regular Fert, NPK 3-6-7

Lights - 130W LED UFO . 78 Red 33 Blue 10 White 6 IR 5 UV
Couple of hours of sunlight when possible

Location - Portugal

Starting date - 03-11-2016 (B Lee) 10-11-2016 (Baby Boom)

Current state - Day 93 (B Lee) Day 86 (Baby Boom)

B Lee - Peak flowering, budds still swelling, will finish in 2-3 weeks
Baby Boom - Finishing stretching, pre-flowering

Problems during grow:
Only began giving nutes at day 55/62, B Lee did ok but Baby Boom had severe nute def, removed a lot of leaves, took while to recover.

After solving nute problems began pruning the plants, removing lower grow and leaves blocking young grow or blocking bud sites, plants create too much leaves.


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Week 2



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Week 7
Nute deficiency showing up, around Christmas time, left alone for 20 days, asked a friend to water them if possilbe.



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Week 9
B Lee grew ok, Baby Boom lacked Nitrogen, yellow and deformed upper leaves, removed a lot of leaves.
Began pruning the plants, exposing lower branches and bud sites.
Took out a lot of leaves, new leaves that will probably block other grow will be taken out early, some growers don't remove leaves but with this setup I have to remove a lot of them.
Baby Boom will be stunned for a while but will produce better side branches.



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Week 10
Plants recovering well, responded great to nute feed, it's flowering stage nutes but Baby Boom growing nice and green



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Quick dried a couple of buds from B. Lee, looking great but it's a waste to quick dry though, won't take out any more buds. Still 2-3 weeks to go, trichomes still clear, smell increasing.


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B. Lee almost done, cloudy trichomes, could harvest already, will wait for lower buds to mature, will wait for some amber.
Hope she will be done next week.


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Hope all is well in your world.

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