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2nd Grow - 250 Watt CFL + Tent - Kc45 & Royal Queen Critical


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Just a quick run down :

250watt CFL
Seahawk small grow tent
1x Dwc plant (fem royal critical)
1x coco medium (kc45 reg)

On the 5th of july I started two seeds in jiffy pots,
After four days both had sprouted.
They recieved no nutes until there third week, and im currently partaking in trialing a new brand of nutes called Uber. Its an additive to normal nutes and a full foliar delivery system.
I can only begin to recommened the massive improvement over previous crops already

So here we are at week 4.
Dwc running 22ml Canna A and 33ml Canna B
And the coco medium using 2ml Pyyro-K, Canna A And B aswell as two days of foliar feeding using fds and rna.

David Bowman

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