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2nd Grow Blueberry Pineapple Express - Drip/DWC


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hey guys its chazzle. Currently I'm finishing my Banana Kush/Aurora grow but i thought I'd give you guys a look at my recently started 2nd grow. Blueberry pineapple express.

As of right now I've had the plants for about 2 weeks. they started as 5 inch clones and are about 9 inches now here's a rundown of my setup, this one is a lot more legit than my current BK/A grow setup. It is a drip/RDWC system, ill run down how it works later in my post but heres the equipment.

The setup:

6x6x6 grow tent
600W MH light (will use 600 along with 1000W HPS for flower)
6 home depot buckets
hydrocoton balls
3 fans
12 adjustable drip heads
3 fish pumps
7 bubble stones
water fountain pump
6 netting pots
drip lines
sprinkler pipe
90 elbows
and few other misc things

the rundown:

so all 6 buckets have holes drilled on opposite sides near the bottom of the bucket this allows the water to return back to the main resevoir and connects them to eachother this is where the grommets and elbows are used, next we used sprinkler pipe to connect all the buckets and the main res. inside each bucket there is a air stone to help oxygenate the water. for the drip system we connected it to our main res with sprinkler pipe and then have a main drip head that all the drip lines run out of to their bucket. each bucket has one line that is split so that there are 2 adjustable heads connected. they adjust between 1-10 gph. hopefully that helps you get a basic idea of the system. ill have more detailed pics soon but i got a few overview ones for now.

For nutes I have advanced nutrients grow A/B right now i still haven't decided what enhancers ill use but i know i'll have AN bloom A/B Bud candy and big bud for sure.

here are some pics to show the setup and the ladies =)

like i said ill have some closer and more detailed pics of the setup later, most likely tommorow or tonight if im not lazy. so far the ladies have been in the system for 2 weeks and have caught on well. i plan on flipping to flower within the next week or so. Comments and tips are greatly appreciated!

the little containers were some seeds i started for a friend and will be out of my room soon since i'm just helping a friend get started.


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Re: 2nd grow blueberry pineapple express. Drip/dwc

Wow Chazzle, thats a really nice setup ! Looking forward to watching your progress. Im certain to ask you a stupid question or two since I'm a Noob (sorry in advance). What pops in to my head: So all of the return lines are daisy chained together back to the reservoir and fed back in to each individual pot ? That seems like a very smart way to add even Nutrients and keep the ph balance spot on for all of these gorgeous gals. What made you choose Blueberry pineapple express ?


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Re: 2nd grow blueberry pineapple express. Drip/dwc

Thanks Lollia it should be a pretty nice grow im excited to see how these ladies turn out. and yeah thats basically what i've got and it seems to be working great so far. its my first time using a drip with the dwc. my almost finished grow that is going right now is a regular dwc. and I chose the blueberry pineapple express because i had a hook up for some pretty nice clones of it and it should produce some damn good nug =) ask any questions you may have.


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Chazzle, I haven't checked in on you for a while. I'm excited to see how your setup is producing ?


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Awesome setup you got going, chazzle! Oh how I wish to see more!

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Very nice diy skills. I'm subscribed.


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im almost finished on my pineapple express auto, only looking for an ounce, subscribing as i wanna see how her big sister turns out

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