2nd Grow: Glueberry & Pineapple Express


Photo of the Month: August 2020
Very nice, what’s the trick to trimming before chopping her down? Seems like it would be harder and more prone to knocking trichomes?
No trick, no thought process really, just a defol befor hang, I honestly didnt think it would last as long as it did after cutting the leaves.


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I do the same thing. I harvest plants whole. I trim them cut. Hang upside down and trim again. That way I have the best angle for all of them.

all ways work :green_heart:


Photo of the Month: August 2020
Forgot to post this, 3 days of hang drying, wife had to lay them out to dry them a tad more the jars were sitting at about 70 rh after 24 hours. 78 grams from pineapple Express and 82 from glueberry, pretty happy with the results.
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