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2nd grow, outdoor White Widow


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Hey folks, this is my 2nd grow. Growing her outdoors and she is a beautiful white widow. :yummy:

2014-05-01 Planted her at pot.
2014-07-04 She showed her first calyx
2014-07-21 She reached ~50cm height and have been planted outside at a garden.
2014-07-29 She's ~56cm height. Pictures of her.


Can't remember specific NPK of current fertilizer but it have high nitrogen.
When she starts flowering I will get her something with high phosphorus.
She's planted simply at garden soil, nothing special. One friend told me to do so, he claimed it's even better to plant her at dirt then buy any soil.
Seems like she is in veg for long allready, and I'm planning just to keep it that way and let the nature do her job since I can't shut down the sun when I need to in order to make it 12/12. So I hope for good yield.

Any suggestions and opinions about this lady? ;)


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2014-09-01 She finaly started flowering.
2014-09-06 And a pictures of her

She is currently too big for the area she is growin at since these planks are blocking her way to stretch so I'm planing to transplant as soon as possible. At the moment I'm not feeding her since she had a little nute burn, flushed her yesterday. :Namaste:





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Ok man, listen! Do exactly what I say or you're gonna kill this plant, or get a foul-tasting marijuana in the end, and you don't wanna do it, trust me :) First off, If you can put her directly in the ground as this will foolproof your plant, even if you really try to kill her. But if you can't, then IMMEDIATELY take her out of this mix you cooked in there and prepare a new one. It's gonna be 60% compost, 20% garden soil, 10% perlite or biochar (if you don't know how to do the latter one, I'll explain), 5% rock phosphate, 5% sand. That's a basic one really, cause I work with much more complicated soil mix, but it's enough for plant to grow healthy.

If you can , get worm castings and bat guano to top your soil lightly. Also, stop fertilizing her with this shit NOW! I'd also like you to tell me what exactly goes into your compost pile?


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I just can't transplant her without damaging all of her roots and disrupting her rootball since the pot she is in is impossible for me to lift normaly, so I couldn't get her out of it.

New soil - 50% dirt, 25% rock phosphate, 20% compost and 5% sand.

Compost - roots,grass,leaves,sticks,dirt,some lettuce,weeds (not cannabis),some flowers,steam and leaves of potato plant,strawberry bushes,garlic plant (not garlic itself) and I guess that's it.

After transplanting I immediatly watered my girls, and the one which is sick now have been way overwatered by accident. I could even see water on top of soil for like 2-3minutes.

I have applied pumpkin seed tea to both of them.

devils letuce

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those babies look great !!!:bravo:

i cant wait till i can put some plants outside next year .. to me all of u outdoor growers have the advantage !!:3:
we try to mimic nature and u get the real thing .. i love outdoor grows ..im in for the grow...:popcorn::goodluck:

p.s check out my signature for helpful links..
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