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2nd Grow - Promix - LED - CKS Hash Plant x 2 - Old School - Alpha Dawg

Guy Cavallero

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Hermaferdite. Mine did it to
No actually. They were photperiod seeds that somehow got mislabeled into "auto" packaging. Man did they ever have me puzzled back then lol.
So MissM, you're new here......welcome to the forum and super glad to see somebody going through a previous Journal of mine. Great to see that it can be used as a learning tool. Great to know!

Guy Cavallero

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Okay first of all you have made a very very great decision. I've grown probably 15 different strains and if I was going to take a favorite, it would definitely be hash plant or blueberry.
So how can I help? Maybe describe what you have to me and I can help you set things up if you need? You need to tell me about things like lights, where you're growing, type of media that you're growing in, ETC....... Any information will be helpful. Do you know how to start a grow Journal?

Also, don't be intimidated...... Everybody here has been exactly where you are. 1 year ago this week, I had no idea how to grow marijuana. I had never even seen a live marijuana plant before.....so ask questions. I might not be able to get back to you right away cuz I have to go to work, but there are plenty of people on here that will jump in and help.
Glad to have you following along.

Guy Cavallero

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Yes i had one seed that was from a friend do that to me as well. Puzzles the heck outta me. I was told it was a harmi.

Iam now onto cks hash. Just not sure how to do it lol
So if you know, a hermaphrodite will only show up during flower. You would end up with a plant that looks like it has seeds on it but is also attempting to grow flowers and buds as well.
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