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2nd Grow - RQS Automatic Northen Light & RQS Automatic Bluematic


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Hi everyone! This is my second grow so far (soil, 4 plants, 400w air cooled)

I had seeds of RQS Automatic Northen Light and RQS Automatic Bluematic but they got mixed up, so... :24:

The plants are 5 weeks from seedling and this is how they look:

Do they look good?
I've notice that on the lower leafs there are some yellow spots (last picture), like it was burnt. Does anyone have a clue on what that may be? I've not used any nutrients so far, just plain water (6.5~6.8 pH). Temps are around 24~29 (It's a damn struggle). I've an 425m3/h Prima Klima extractor and an 250m3/h putting fresh air in, although I most of the time have the grow room open and don't feel the need to use it. The tent size is 80cm x 80cm x 160cm.

For watering I've been using the pot method: pick it up and if it's light and the soil look dry, feed them. But this last week they seem to need extra water and the pot is always light, and the yellow marks started to appear...

Any help?

Thank you!

David Bowman

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