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2nd Harvest - Feed Back


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Hi All,
latest harvest. Those that would check out my photos would see the hell I went thru to start. I still don't know what type of indica this is ( I'm starting a stavia(sic) in 2nd stage now). These shots are chopped in a very poor way. I didn't take the pic, but... any way. I would like some feed back as to type or another way to control algea. I use lots of bubbles and pore some hydrogen piroxid in. This havest was into bloom for 8 1/2wks. The pistals seem to not turn red, but when dried they become red. This harvest was off the original plants as clones. I seem to have very good luck with clones. This plant is over 4 1/2 feet tall and weight aprox., 3lbs. I'm using 2.5 gal buckets and the roots grew to the bottom. I still don't know what strain this is. Some day I might be able to try another strain. Gota go, very tired and in pain.



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