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Back at it again after 2 years...

This time is going to be a variety batch

All organic amendments (except for one synthetic flowering nutrient) - soil grow

Soil Recipe is prepped and "Cooking"
Starter containers are ready to go

5 strains Germinating as of yesterday

Red Diesel
Sharks Breath
Strawberry Blue

Equipment Info & Pics of the Setup and progress thus far will be posted soon!


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600 Watt Air Cooled MH & HPS Lamps (MH Installed and ready to go)
Florescent Grow Lamp
Tent Dimensions 4.75 x 4.75 x 6 feet
Carbon Filtered Exhaust System
Fresh Air Intake
Plenty of Fans when needed
Digital pH Pen & Liquid pH Test Kit

Starter Mix consists of 75% soil 25% jiffy start

50/50 Mix Top & Potting soil (Fine Consistency)
Mexican Bat Guano 10-3-1 (Vegetative= 2.5 TBL) / Indonesian Bat Guano 0-13-0 (Flowering= 2.5 TBL)
Down to Earth Bat Guano 3-10-1 (Flowering= 1.50 TBL)
Organic Traditions Bone Meal 3-15-0 (Vegetative= 2.5 / Flowering= 0.75 )
Organic Traditions Green Sand 0-0-3 (Vegetative= 2.5 / Flowering= 2.5)
Organic Traditions Kelp Meal 1-1-2 (Vegetative= 3.25 / Flowering = 3.25)
Organic Traditions Blood Meal 13-0-0 (Vegetative= 1.25 / Flowering= 0.50)
Organic Traditions Gypsum (Vegetative= 2.0 / Flowering= 2.0
Organic Traditions Garden Lime (Vegetative= 1.75 / Flowering= 1.75)
15% Worm Castings
40% Perlite
(Amendment Amounts are per Gallon of Soil)

Vegetative Mix is Cooking

Fertilizer Amendments:
Earth Juice UP
Earth Juice DOWN
Earth Juice Grow
Earth Juice Bloom
Earth Juice Microblast
Liquid Seaweed
Fox Farms Big Bloom
Mighty Myco


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Left to Right - Red Diesel, Sharks Breath, Strawberry Blue, Trainwreck, Cheese


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As I suspected, from my previous grow, the Strawberry Blue has already popped her Tap Root; The other 4 haven't, but a couple look like they are getting ready.

The Tap on the Strawberry Blue is roughly 1/8" - She might be in some soil by tomorrow night

I Suspect the next to pop will be Red Diesel and Sharks Breath

The Trainwreck had a silver coating and the Cheese had a pink that crumbled off as I rolled them around, now they actually look like seeds haha


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The Tap Root on the Strawberry Blue has grown from 1/8" to almost 1/2"
and Red Diesel has started to pop... I expect to have these 2 in some soil in roughly 11 hours from now


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Well, Ms. Strawberry Blue is getting dirty....she just got put in the soil...

the Red Diesel and Trainwreck has started to pop... Red Diesel might be in some dirt by tomorrow night... probably followed by Trainwreck..

Cheese and Sharks Breath hasnt cracked open yet...


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Sharks Breath has popped open, not much of a tap yet.
Looks like Cheese will be the last to go

Red Diesel and Trainwreck might be join Strawberry Blue later tonight


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Red Diesel and Trainwreck made it to the soil

All of the girls are in the dirt except Cheese, she hasn't popped open yet... if she doesn't pop open in the next day or 2, I'm gonna drown her in a glass of water to see if that helps... if she decides she's a no-go I guess I'm gonna start another Strawberry Blue or something else maybe...

Hopefully By tonight Cheese will have shown some Germination Progress

Photos Will Be Posted Tonight around 10pm CST


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Looking good on the 4 that are already getting down n dirty...
I decided to fully submerge Cheese in some water in hope of a better Germination...
Strawberry Blue, as expected, seems to so far be the most prominent strain!

Here are tonight's photos

Group (waiting on cheese...)

Red Diesel

Sharks Breath

Strawberry Blue




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I would just plant the cheese in the soil and see if it comes up ,too long in water will drown it ,best to put straight into soil if it comes up bonus if not well atleast you know you didnt drown it :thumb:

Many times i have soaked in water and nothing happens makes me think there not going to grow so i put in soil instead of throwing it away and bingo up sprouts a seedling a few days later not all the time but it does happen.


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I would just plant the cheese in the soil and see if it comes up ,too long in water will drown it ,best to put straight into soil if it comes up bonus if not well atleast you know you didnt drown it :thumb:

Many times i have soaked in water and nothing happens makes me think there not going to grow so i put in soil instead of throwing it away and bingo up sprouts a seedling a few days later not all the time but it does happen.

I only let her submerge for a few hours last night and then took her right back out... she slept back in her paper towel blanket last night..This morning I let her go back in for a swim...gonna take her back out of the water in roughly an hour and back to the towel while I work... If she doesn't look like she is gonna pop when I get home; I may just Germ another Strawberry Blue, since those are very prominent and is most likely to be able to catch up with the rest


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A couple of the seedlings maybe should have germinated a bit longer, Sharks Breath and Trainwreck seem to be a little weak at the moment. Red Diesel seems to be doing ok... all three of those still have the shell casing around them, been trying to assist them a little with no luck.. Strawberry blue is strong and perfect... Still no signs of life with the Cheese... maybe time to Germ some more seeds...


With some further persistence, I got the shells removed from Trainwreck and Red Diesel... Hope I didn't damage Trainwreck tho... she pulled out of the soil and I had to re-plant her after removing the shell.... :yikes:


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:popcorn: Red Diesel is still ITTY ITTY BITTY... shell has been removed but water leaves have not opened up yet... has some green color to her, but she is still a weakling and is struggling slightly.

:rip: Sharks Breath did not make it all...she didn't take root at all...she is out of the game! Really sad to see her go...was kinda looking forward to trying something I have not ever had before :rip:

:woohoo: Strawberry Blue is going strong, very healthy! NODE's 1 & 2 strongly visible, node 3 can been seen in close-up, and 4 under magnification

Trainwreck is on about a 60% survival rate at the moment... Shell was removed, water leaf on one side is open, but the other side has some weird growth for a water leaf...that side may not produce a proper water leaf if at all...however slowly but surely under magnification I can see growth of what appears to be the 1st NODE

Cheese still has popped from her shell...I did go ahead and plant her in some soil though... I think she MIGHT pop..today I grabbed her with some tweezers and pulled her back out for a quick look, and I could see what I thought was a sign of her popping out a tap... nothing protruding out of the seed, but looked to be a slight crack with some white behind it....didnt examine to thoroughly because I didnt want to damage any possibility.

To replace the Sharks Breath - I Have a White Widow germ'n :cheer:

To replace the Cheese (In case she doesn't sprout) - I Have a Cole Train germ'n :cheer:

So I guess if Cheese decides to sprout; this may go from 5 flavors to 6; that is IF Red Diesel doesn't end up like Sharks Breath (I sure hope not :32: )... which means I might need to get a few things to accommodate the 6th.
But if Red Diesel decides to kill over... I have a "Blue Cheese" on stand-by (Note: NOT the same as "Cheese")

Photos to be posted soon!


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:thumb:Well I have decided not to Germ the "Cole Train" ...I Pulled cheese back out the soil with some tweezers, and she has cracked open and I can just ever so slightly see a Tap Root Starting!!!!

:popcorn:"White Widow" is still Germ'n to replace the late "Sharks Breath"

The Main reason a pulled back on the Cole Train was mainly because I was setup for 5 and didnt really have what I needed for a 6th... Cole Train will be put in reserve just in case "Red Diesel" doesn't make it; But she is gaining some better color, so she might pull through!


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Well here are some photos


Now Waiting on White Widow to join the Group

Red Diesel

Looks like she is gonna pull through...just a slow start

Strawberry Blue


As Expected! Strong and Prominent!


A little deformed; but gonna make it


Still buried in the dirt; But the shell has cracked and tap has started. Just another slow starter

White Widow


We be Germ'n to replace Sharks Breath


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Red Diesel:
:popcorn:Still small; But looking good, and a lot more healthy than before

:21:She is definitely looking like a Trainwreck (pun intended, hahaha) However, deformity seems to be no match for her

Strawberry Blue:
:28:Looking Excellent! Very Healthy!

White Widow:
:cheer:Just got moved from Germination and has found her home in a nice bed of soil and she is in the tent camping with her sisters

:surrender:Still No progress; She popped open, got put in dirt, no progress...removed from dirt and re-germ'd...she started a tap root that never protruded past the shell before she had ever been put into the soil. I honestly think she is about a waste of time and is probably gonna get tossed and replaced with "Cole Train"

New Photos Coming Soon...
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