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well with my busy schedule, I haven't managed to get this journal updated on time... I didn't have enough time to get photos while harvesting Cole Train... She turn out pretty good (Didn't weigh her, and I split her with my brother) but if I had to guess I'd say almost 4oz or so; I think...hell I dont really know hahaha)

The other 4 girls are still in their containers...Trainwreck is looking like the next to be harvested...probably within days!
Then most likely Strawberry Blue and then Red Diesel...
Blue Cheeses' Trichomes are just really really cloudy, not really showing any signs of amber at all yet... she will probably be the last to harvest I'm sure...

Found a few seeds in Cole Train and Trainwreck... not sure which plant went Hermie or even if it was both or not...
so the seeds found could be and whole new strain even...guess we'll find out later...

more photos to come soon!

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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