2nd Indoor Grow In RDWC 3 Pineapple Chunk & A White Widow Under Perfect Sun COB


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:welcome:Hello all and thanks for taking a look.:welcome:

Well, here we grow again. This run is being completed in my homemade RDWC system I put together over the course of my first grow the past few months. My first run I built my own res from 10gal tubs with a manifold and pump. It had a double feed air pump feeding two long triangle shaped air-stones per tub(all 1/4" tubing is black) and did drip feeding into 6 3' net pots per lid. This time I'm growing in the same 4x4x6.5' tent with a 4" inline w/ carbon filter fan on a controller but with the Perfect Sun COB panel . I'd like to see how I can do with it on a full veg with it aswell as flower.

Grow details:
Space - 4'x4'x6.5' tent
Lights - Perfect Sun COB 190W veg/640w flower draw from wall
Room temp - 72f lights off - 78f lights on
Room RH - 45- 55 %
Air movement - 1x 18" oscilating fan and 1x6" turbo box fan piped as an intake and a cool mist humidifier.
Exhaust - 4"inline w/carbon filter in tent
Media - 25 gallon RDWC with rapid rooters in 6" net pot lids with hydroton
Nutrients - Calmag, Flora micro, Flora gro, Flora bloom, Koolbloom Liquid and dry
Supplements - Z7
PH control - Ganja express ph up & down digital ph meter
PPM monitored - yes
Water used - Tap that sits for at least a day with its own air stone that bubbles off the chlorine and regulates the
true ph.
Strains - 3x Barney's Pineapple chunk and 1x TH seeds White Widow
Type - Hybrid/indica dominant
Height - upto 120cm
Flowering - 7-9 weeks
Current week of growth - day 18 PC and day 9 WW since sprout
Light cycle -18/6
nutrients - 1/2 tsp/gal Calmag Flora Micro, Grow, and Bloom,
Current ph - 5.82
Topfeed - as needed on WW still.

So this is my setup, its all from what i have cobbled together from a pictures of two crazy smart guys here on this forum. It took a lot of trial and error but it seems to be up and running well an holding strong. I'll be updating regularly over the course of the grow and will probably use this to keep tabs on my auto and mother plants i have in my veg tent. This is my second grow and I'm hoping i'm going to be able to break a pound this time. I have some pics that are from their first few days and i plan on taking a ton over the process. hope to have some of you along for the ride and happy growing!:420:
What you guys think
Seems like a hell of a place to start cheap. There are a ton of bubble pots out there. Personally I would up grade to a larger air pump... I like the bubbles. That'll work though.

Make one yourself one, there's nothing to it and you will learn so much more... AND you'll save a little dough for you larger air pump. Haha.

If you do make one be sure to use black pots, maybe even get the taller 7 gallon. You'll figure it out.
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