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2nd round of hermies - Boo! any tips?


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I am a newbie to growing and to this site.
I've been reading some of your threads on hermaphrodites. I am a first time grower in his second round. My first round hermed on me (with spider mite problems) and now my second (no mites). My first round were seeds from a hermed grand daddy purp. I don't know if they were feminized or not. I am now using feminized seeds in soil with general organic nutes. My second round were seeds from the ATTITUDE seed bank. I spent a boat load of cash on feminized seeds. I had a small to medium amount of light pollution in this second round that went on for about a week. I remidied the problem by cutting out roughly 98% of the light intrusion. I am sure i can cut out 100% of the light with a little more ingenuity. But I was told that a very small amount of light shouldn't be a problem. I have had no temp stress and my humidity has also been consistent and within the proper range.

Ill get to the point. Should i abandon my feminized seeds and switch to regular or am i doing something wrong? could there be residual pollen in my grow room from the last batch of hermies? because of the mites i washed everything with alcohol and bleach. Everything but the walls. I have 12 plants ready to go into 12/12.

If you could help with any info I would be forever in your debt. I really don't want to abandon my horticultural hobby but I the set backs are really hurting me financially.

Thank you


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i have covered all powerstrips with electrical tape, no light there. My humidifier has no light on it. When my light comes on ill post some picks of my room. I have a veg box and a closet of mothers that surround my bloom section. Sectioned off with large sheets of 6mm plastic with velcro sealing the sides. works great to keep out light and easy removal when i have a bunch of work to do. I've taken painstaking steps to cut out almost all possible light. It is extremely dark in my bloom room with outside lights on. I can't see my hand in from of my face. There are about 5-7 spots throughout the room where i can see minuscule amounts of light. I can cut these out with some work. Not a problem. A window with is open but the inside window pocket is framed with 1 by 2 and then velcrowed with 3mm plastic. No light there. Im still rating the room at about 99-97% light sealed when light is off.

Shite!!! I just remembered something. I can't believe i didn't realize this before but i had power issues in my room when i was out of town and someone else was taking care of my grow. I blew a fuze twice. No clue how long lights were out but was told it had to be reset twice. Also, about 7-10 times, the plastic around my window came undone at the bottom. Def cast a shadow for about 5-6 hours more than a couple times, not a lot but more than what should've be there. Those problems were fixed a month ago. since then its been as dark as described above.

Would that be enough light to herm? Other than that, no light. lol. It seems like a lot now that I've thought about it.

Shit shit shit!!


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Welcome to the dank site :)
First, you don't have to give up your feminized seeds. Second, there could still be pollen on the walls
(and sometimes even on your fingers, especially if you've been smoking shwag/mids/lows/anything with seeds)
Thrd, Yes. You want your flower room to be 100% lightproof because that little bit of light can cause too much stress
during flowering, which results in the plant becoming a hermie. When it grows wild in nature, the stress due to the
lack of male pollen (which has been flowering long before the females) combined with the nights getting shorter
causes the plant to panic, and it's self-preservation mechanism kicks in causing it to self-pollinate in order to
ensure the survival of the species...lol

Pics please :)
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