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2x4 help please!


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I just ordered the Secret Jardin DR120W the dimensions are 3'11.25" x 1'11.25" x 5'3". I plan to use a 400w dimmable HPS/MH with a cooltube. The best price I found was $160 through Amazon. After a few grows I would like to add some LED as well. Get closer to 600w total.

I need some help with the ventilation. I will be using passive intakes.
-I feel like my best bet would be to get a 6" inline and set it up like this
Air in tent>Carbon filter>Cooltube>Fan>Out tent
-Or I could go with two 4" inline fans like this
Air in tent>carbon filter>fan>out tent
Air outside tent>cooltube>fan>out top of tent

My beans are on their way as well. I plan to run 3 Maxi GOM Autos as soon as I get this all figured out. Im overly excited to start growing again. :cheer:


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Hello MitchC

I have that same tent - it is a great set up.

I must comment on the lighting though. In a tent set up which is 4x4 you will be much happier with a 600W light. A 400 is under-powered for that kind of space. I am currently running a 400W in my veg tent - and definitely would grow much better under a 600. And a 600W light is only $18 more... nearly 50% more yield potential... Here is the link:Amazon.com : 600w Digital Super HPS Grow Light System with Air Cooled Tube. Best 600 watt hydroponic grow light set. 600w Dimmable Ballast, Super High Pressure Sodium, 6" Air Cooled Tube, yoyo and Timer kit. : Plant Growing Light Fixtures : Patio, La

The best set up is to run with two fans - no doubt about it. Allows for future expansion... which we both know you are going to do.

There are two passive intakes on the bottom of this tent. How are you planning on getting air in thru these? I built my own light, dust, and insect proof filters that I have put in place. Tried a HEPA filter at first - and it was too restrictive on air flow. If you don't do something, you will have a major light leak. And leaving it open is an invitation to dust, disease, and insects.

:goodluck: with your grow!
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