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3, 5 then 7 fingered leaves...now 3 and 1 finger?


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Just wondering whats up with this. I have a plant thats budding and I've noticed that it originally grew 3 fingered leaves, followed by 5 and 7 fingered, like normal, but now that its budding its starting to grow 3 and even 1 fingered leaves near the top...is this normal?


If you look a lot of the leaves are only 3 fingered, and theres even some long 1 finger leaves. :hmmmm:


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perfectly normal,
when that top bud (cola) matures & thickens it will more or less engulf most of those smaller leaves, they'll be dozens of them sticking nearly straight out from the cola. just like the rest of the leaves on the plant they serve to complete the photosynthesis process needed for growth.

go to the gallery & look at some mature buds & you'll see the same.

thanks for the quick reply! What about the larger leaves (like the one at the bottom of the pic) that still only has 3 fingers? I've noticed on other peoples plants they have 5 or 7. :hmmmm:
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