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$3 DIY fabric grow pots


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3 different sizes of DIY fablic pots. cost $3 each set plus tax to buy. Got them for two places, the 99 cents store for every thing except the red/blue container, laundry basket with holes in the bottom and the pillow cases I got at Dollar Tree.

The stand the baskets are sitting on is not sold as a stand at the 99 cent store, it a desk organizer I flipped upside-down.

The red/blue container is sold as a dvd/cd storage container.

The setup is pretty self-explanatory. Insert pillow case into container, then Roll up excess around edges and staple/clip or pin so it doesn't unravel.

The plant in the laundry basket i'm LST'ing has been revegging for 6 weeks. The one in the mini trash basket is a clone I got more than a month ago i'm LST'ing. I'm about to transplant the one in the blue container into a mini trash basket and LST it right now. The blue stuff is yarn I got at the 99 cent store to LST my plants.
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