3 DWC 3 gallon buckets connected together - No recirculation

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Is it a good idea not to use a pump for recirculation ?
I mean it's only 3 buckets with each their air stone so there is already a lot of water movement.
All I want in fact is having to adjust ph/ppm only once, not 3 times !
And I do not want any pump to add heat and problems.
I want to stick to DWC in my small little 2x2 grow tent, no other system types.
This is only for vegging 3 mother plants under a small MH, each in their bucket.

Any advice ? Should work ?

Dr Fish

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What firsttimeARE said to you on riu.. That's about as good advice as you're gonna get..


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It's a terrible idea to not use a pump for re-circulation. After all how is the water going to get circulated properly? Also a small pump like what is needed is not going to add heat to your water. Keeping just the buckets with water in them in the grow tent (especially a small one) will raise your water temp more than anything. A recirculating reservoir will allow you to control that temperature easily and ph and ppm.

How big are your buckets going to be? 3 plants in a 2x2 tent? How tall?? Thats an awful small area for 3 plants. I got two in a 2x4x6 and they fill it up nicely.

As for adjusting ph. Don't be lazy, its really not that hard... Adjust ph in reservoir to desired level, come back in an hour and recheck and adjust as needed and done! If checking ph and ppm is going to be that big of a nuisance then perhaps growing isn't for you. You're going to be checking a lot in the flower period.