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3 finger OG Kush: A myth?


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I was told about this OG kush that only produces 3 to five finger leaves and never any more than five.

I did not believe in the three finger leaves so I got myself a three fingered OG Kush clone and got it to produce more than 3-5 fingers.

So I guess now Im scratching my head asking myself why many others cant achieve vigor beyond 5 fingers and why many think this strain stops at 5?

I also read many post and leafy saying Tahoe OG is Lemony. I just dont get it, every decent cut of TAHOE OG smell the same. Its fruity and earthy. The fruit is the same smell as fruity pebble cereal and the bud is extremely sweet. Tahoe was always potent but not in swampy og kush way but more of the powerful indica way.

The only genetic marker I see in the real og kush is variegated leaf that curls only one finger under stress.

Ogs: Tahoe, skywalker, og #13, wifi, larry to me these are OGS with earthy flavors with the exception of tahoe being fruity sweet.

OG Kush: xxx, OG Kush <-These are swampy and more potent.

For me the ogs have light colored fan leaves/sweet. The OG kush have dark green leaves and sweet leaves.

Bubba kush has always been lemony or earthy but never had the dark kush leaves. I dont have much experience with bubbas but when I grew one from seed it was lemon pinsol cleaner and lacked potency(not the right cut)

Does anyone else have any input and does anyone know where the lemon flavor comes into og kush or og because i dont see it.

Very rarely do I come across indicas or ogs that are lemony they may be gassy citrus but no lemon. When I come across the pinesol and lemon flav its 99% a sativa dominate plant or bud.

Larry OG for me taste purple. Big buds, nice grape flav but no bang in the high.

What do you guys think? Can you help me pinpoint some of these flavors? What is like for you in california or elsewhere?

Thanks for your help.


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I got banned on icmag because i didnt agree that Josh D spread the real og kush. They tell me im trolling with my post. All the other post i wrote they left up.

Anyways knowbody would give me a straight answer and everyone was looking dumb in the comments so i posted an update to this thread. I grew out the 3 finger og kush to monster heights so i could show people the genetic leaf structure. I am repectful and polite yet they got me on trolling. Icmag is very intolerable when it comes to peoples opinions about og kush orgin or posting real pics of the plant.


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The first three finger og kush was a kens kush and i was able to get it to produce more than three leafs. Then i came across the real og kush and the 3 fingers seem to be a locked in genetic trait so i changed my opinion from the post above.


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I have a 3 fingered kush, I believe it was a skywalker kush mother that I bred with my montana black, then bred the skywalker kush mother with a selected male from original breeding n did that 1 more time. I ended up with a fast flowering 3 finger citrus rocket fuel dream of a plant. While I know it's not the strain your talking about its origins are kush n this one has the 3 fingers. There's another 3 fingered strain they call turkey foot.
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