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Are there any downside to mix all different strains when makong oil?
Say like when I use trim I take from all plants, sativas, indicas, cbd-strains etc and just throw them in the mix:)

Whats the different between cco and dab?

Is the oil from trim become just as strong as the oil made from bud? (From the same strain vs)
Just that it Will be less volyme?


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Always remember that what you put in is what comes out so if you are mixing different strains and one is lower quality then your oils will be lower quality.
Not sure what CCO is but I have made many batches of shatter, dabs, earw wax, Budder, crumble and rick Simpson oil. The main difference in the procedure is the temperature that you purge the product at. Because they all are made from BHO
The trim is very good for making BHO (Butaine Hash Oil) But the trim is only about 35 percent of the trichromes. So if youl have a much higher yeild hope these helped
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