3 Strain - Aurora Indica - Wonder Woman & Haze #1 - Nirvana Grow

i used bio bizz last grow n nothing really this grow, used grow nutes just before puttin into flower n a lil grow nutes a week into flower, doin not to bad for hardly any nutes

Ok so I need some help choosing my bloom nutes and additives. The company's I can choose from are: Adanced Nutrients,GHE,Plant Magic,Bio Bizz and canna.

I'd like to hear what people find best to get those oh so good buds?

However much thought you invest to choose nutes, worry and do more for air quality.
10 Xs more. There's more carbon from CO2 in plants than any of those minerals.
hey joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?

sorry i had to do it, why dont you consider drying out the BPN product line, all the members that use it have great results and im sure you could get a cheaper price than any other name brand nutrients out there.

also where did you purchase that tent? i have one that looks similar i got it from gotham products on ebay they sell all light house hydro stuff.

Good job so far cant wait to see some budsssss
why dont you consider drying out the BPN product line, all the members that use it have great results and im sure you could get a cheaper price than any other name brand nutrients out there.

Check his location, consider Customs duty and international $hipping.
Joe actually listed the different nutrient brands that he can get.

BTW, how could he dehydrate it unless he gets it first? :hmmmm:
Hey everyone sorry about the long absence, a great childhood friend of mine crashed his car and now he's been in intensive care on life support since, doesn't look good to be honest. fucking depressing shit but what can you do. Since all this happened I've been in and out of the hospital nearly everyday and I've been neglecting the girls and have run into some mg deficiencys, it started a bit after they were re-potted, I think I may have over watered and I'm thinking my ph was out of whack. The hazes are the worst affected and the wonder woman was a bit affected but is a bit better now, the aurora indica wasn't really affected at all. I gave them a foiliar feed of Epsom salts last saturday and it helped the wonder woman but not the hazes so much. About two days ago they needed a watering so I gave them 6.7 ph water with a little rhizotonic as I think mg is more available above 6.5.

I have so much catching up to do with all of you, I'll post up some pics too tomorrow and and hopefully I can get you're opinions on wherther or not I should flush etc?
Thanks for asking for me and maybe if you get a chance you could say a prayer for my friend or if your not religous maybe just send some positive energy his way. Thanks guys.

Hey everybody , not sure if you read my post from yesterday but ive been neglecting my girls recently beacuse of a friend of mine is on life support and Ive just been too depressed and havnt had the energy or spirit to do much with the plants. I realize now its better to keep my mind occupied and im definatly going to need some medicine as my insomnia is getting alot worse.

Ok so here come the shamefull pics. These were taken from last week.
Group shot

Wonder woman

Aurora Indica

First Haze#1

Second Haze#1

Random leaf pics
Looks like their getting worse to be honest, really need some advice. Sorry about some of the pics the HID light wasnt helping.

Group shot

Wonder Woman

Aurora Indica Seems to be the least affected of all

First Haze#1

Second Haze#1

Some Haze leaves

Wonder Woman leaves

If i ever needed help its now. I hope someone can tell me if I should flush them? or give them anothe foliar feed of epsom salts (last one was one week ago exactly) +rep to whoever can help.
Flushing never hurts, and can heal. Not a huge deluge, but a heavy watering with plain water for some run-off is good. Problems are almost never from too few nutrients(salts).
Look to the new growth now, not the old. If ruined & wrinkled leaves make your gut roll over, pluck them out ;)
Hey Gator thanks for the advice buddy +rep. I gave them a good watering with good runoff. I also found the culprit of my ph fuck up, it's my Milwaukee ph pen, at first I thought it might have been when I made the change from bottled water to tap as the clones were showing the same symptoms but then I just thought I'd compare some liquid ph tester against the pen and it was way off. It says to store the pen a little ph7.0 solution in the cap, I had it in a 1/5 of a cup of ph solution not sure if that somehow messed up the probes or something. The strange thing is when I turn on the pen and its in the solution it always says 7.0 but as soon as I put it into bottled water that is ph7.4 it says something like 6.2 on the pen, no matter how much I re-calibrate or use new solution it's the same. Anyway The guy at the hydro store said he will give me a new one so hope it stays ok.

I'll post up some pics in a few days to see the change if any. Have so much reading to do on all your journals. See you later guys.

Hey everyone sorry about the long absence. Its mostly to do with all that shit with my friend dying and getting fired from my job for not coming in,turning up drunk etc. but iI realsied fuck it theres nothing I can do to bring the lad back so I got on with my life and my boss has me back roofing . I haven't even began to look at anyone else's journals (probably all finished and smoked up :( ) , been months now since ive been on. I have so much catching up to do, gonna take me ages.

Two weeks into flower
The Wonder Woman and the A.I have recovered after a long vegging in natural sunlight and some feedings but the Haze#1s haven't very much , still lots of leaves dying and pale green colour. Anyway I threw them into flower about two weeks ago but was only using my 200W CFl but i put in the 400W HPS last night and took some pics.

The Aurora Indica

Wonder Woman


Haze1 #2

Grow room shots

Some clones

Two Wonder Woman

Two A.I.

A few other clones that need a watering

Buying flowering nutes
Ill be getting my nutes for flower on Wednesday which are Canna Terra flores,Canna pk13/14 and think ill use some molasses(without sulphide) between feedings instead off the boost. Anyone have any exp with the pk13/14?

Im gonna be on a lot more often now, I promise this time lol.
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