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3 Strain Grow


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Filling the flower tent today. I’ll post pics soon.

4x8 tent
Organic 10 gallon pots (M3 s
Fluence Spydr LED, 1700 PPFD
Co2 supplemented
All the environmental goodies.

I normally scrog, but I’m running a couple new strains from seed plants and don’t want multiple strains under a screen. So staked grow it is.

3 Glookies from clone (Sativa pheno)
1 laughing Buddha from seed (only popped 1 seed)
1 G13 haze from seed (only popped 1)

I’ll leave them in veg cycle for 10 days or so to acclimate to those new pots and brighter light source before flipping.

The plants have all been topped multiple times, so for training, it’s just stake to spread and lollipop when they get bigger.

We’ll see what happens. Lol


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Good luck. Also running a 4x8 so excited to see how you utilize the space. After my Hawaiian punch is done flowering i plan on packing the shit out of the space haha. What's most plants you've run in your 4x8?

I really only use 4x4 for the plants. Just one light fixture. I tend to scrog and run 4 plants at a time. Looks like this.


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Photo updates. We’re about 14 days into 12/12

First, we have 3 of these glookies. All look about the same:


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The Glookies is starting to show some rusty slightly crispy spots on lower old growth. It’s done this all 3 previous grows, and always starts about this point in flower.

Im starting to think it’s a pk deficiency, mostly because during the last grow I started giving it small pk boost doses and the problem stopped.

I’ll start adding pk boost to just the Glookies water this week and see if it heads off the problem.

The g13 haze and Laughing Buddha should be lighter feeders than the Glookies.

Sativas usually don’t like much nutrients, especially this early in flower.

They all get worm casting snd molasses tea every other watering, to keep the micro life on the soil active.


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The plants are all hauling ass for this early in flower. Bud development is way ahead of expectations.

the laughing Buddha just isn’t stretching. I’ve had to put it in a riser to keep the canopy even. I’m surprised for it being such a sativa heavy strain.

The g13 haze on the other hand is stretching like mad.


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As to the baby farm. I maintain 4 strains. Generally, I only flower 4 or 5 plants at a time (4 if scrog)

I do veg my plants a very long time before flower. That’s not to have BIG plants at the start of flower, it’s to have well trained plants at the start of flower.

Ideally I’ll have about 12 growing shoots when I put them in flower. All that topping and training really slows vegetative growth.

it’s not uncommon for me to veg 20 weeks and only have a 14 inch tall plant.

I don’t keep “mothers” in the traditional sense of the word. I keep the strains going through cuttings and clones.
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