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3 week old seedling - Slight yellowing - How do they look? Pics included


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So, after botching my first attempt with over watering and just too much dicking around in general, here is attempt number two.

600 was MH
6 ft long, 4 ft wide 9ft tall closet grow.
Only two plants for now till I get the hang of things.
Seeds are just bag seed.
Miracle grow seedling mix mixed with about 35% perlite.
Week 3.

See pictures attached. About 5 days ago I noticed some yellowing on the bottom leaves of one of the plants. So I decided to give them their first feed. I gave them 1/3 the recommended dose. Since then things certainly did not get worse, still getting decent growth, but still some yellowing. Tonight I decided to give them a full dose. Do you think I jumped the gun? Was it too early?

Anyway, just wondering if my plants are looking good for week 3? Any tips on what I should do next? When should I look into transplanting? Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

If you'd like more detail let me know.

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Ole Festus

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Re: 3 week old seedling. Slight yellowing. How do they look? Pics included.

Looks like they are ready to be transplanted into bigger pots.



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Re: 3 week old seedling. Slight yellowing. How do they look? Pics included.

:goodjob: They look good, but they might be a bit smaller than they could be. Ole Festus gave you the best advice.
Bigger pots, with good drainage...I see you have a good amount of perlite in your mix already.
A non-MG soil, may also be helpful, and be more beginner friendly.

Calyx Hunter

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I would say they need to be transplanted. I bet you will find the roots circling the bottom of the cup and I bet they will be brown in color not white and healthy. Have you looked to see if roots are extruding through the holes on the bottom? I always use that as a guage for when to transplant.

I could totally be wrong too :thumb:
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