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30% and what it means


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Now that THC has reached the 30% mark multiple times. We know that THC can be that high. Thing is 30% THC strains don't show a major difference in trichome production. So it ends up what is in those trichomes that matter. My questions.

Say 30% is as high as resin content is going to go. As CBD is bred into marijuana how much does the amount CBD affect the THC?
If the CDB hits 20% does that mean the THC percent can't be more than 10%?

If only so much resin can go into those trichomes. Does the amount of CBD stand in the way of the THC?

Example: Can a strain have 20% THC and 20% CBD? Or would that make it a 40% strain a level of resin we may never hit?

I say this because there are people who need CBD that don't mind being high. I see more CBD strains bred with less THC than more of it. If 30% is around the limit of resin content. I see a 15% THC x 15% CBD strain as a perfect strain.

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Not that I pay a lot of attention to it, but the stuff at the Dispensaries usually the two add up to 25% max and most are more in the 20% range or less, far as the higher CBD stuff goes or what is around here. Imagine a lot of variables in how they test it or what they send in to be tested, but I haven't seen much Flower that gets over that 31% range mark. But I'm not convinced the number means anything as I have bought stuff that was 16% kick just as hard as the 28% stuff, so I shop more by smell and visual look of it and pretty much ignore the THC% (when I do buy it at Dispensaries).


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I totally agree. The right combination is the key.

What I was getting at.

If a strain had 20% resin content. That resin is going to be a mix of all the cannabinoids. So when they all are added up they can't be over 20% right?


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how Can I find out the % of resin in each strain that I grow?? I haven’t a clue. Imo you’re correct about the % . U can’t fit more water in a glass that’s already full.


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I have found low THC varieties that can blow me away. The THC level is just a number, but as others have stated, its all about the mix of terpenes and all the delta levels of THC and CBD and all the other things in the package, that makes the difference.
Each plant has a personality and each plant will speak to you in a different way. I bought my first seeds based on the high THC number and of course bought White Widow as being one of the strongest. That was a long long time ago, and since then I have learned that there are times when White Widow doesn't speak to me as strongly as Jack Herer, and there are other times when the brute strength of a Kona is not as desirable as a Green Crack, and there are some days when Sugar Black Rose is the only thing I want.
What is the best pot out there? The pot that you grew, and who produced those buds just for you. There is a symbiosis that occurs between grower and plant and you will find that scientific measurements don't always tell the whole story.


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Very true Emilya. It always seems I like my weed more than I do dispensary weed. Even when it is the same strain. I always thought I was the best grower in the world, Now I find out it is a personal bond with the plant, Well shit LMAO.

While each person is going to be affected differently. There are some very prominent highs out there. The strain Headband says it all. Most people will notice its namesake effects. It is one of the main effects I look for in weed. Both indicas and sativas can have it along with other effects. All my favorite strains will have similar heady effects no matter where they take me in the end. They call in euphoria or cerebral lots of different things. Not sure which ones are the same effect by a different name. In the end you feel the high in your head. There are some very strong indicas out there that are all body and no head at all. These strains don't seem to get me what I call "High"no matter how strong they are. So basically if the heady part is not there I am not going to like the strain. No big deal because I have found plenty that do.

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never underestimate the power of a good cure aswell. A low thc high cbd content strain can become kickass after a 2 month cure with a much diff stone than a high thc with a 2 week cure. Id say we will see more and more high thc and cbd strains evolve over the years.
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