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30 days clean and still failing UA-put into intensive outpatient for relapse


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I have been clean since about July 26th 2014, give or take 2 days. I had a UA with about 188 ng/ml after my 2nd week of alcohol treatment, which I knew i would fail as it had only been a couple weeks since i quit. I totally expected to be cleared up with the next one. So, 30 days later I do a UA and fail again. This one comes back at about 80 ng/ml (8-19-2014). Now this is very confusing, and to them I have no defense in this and I just got bumped to Intensive Outpatient. Of course, they don't believe me at all, but i have not smoked a dang thing since starting treatment. It sounds to me that if in a month my THC level cut in half, then in 3-4 more weeks it would be clean. The treatment agency says that isn't possible and they and the LAB know all the science and it says i used after I started treatment!! I didn't know where to go for any advice so im just looking anywhere I can online. It seems like a bunch of BS advice everywhere. Any Suggestions? Here is some back info.

***I'm from Washington state.
***I used a little in high school but didn't use anything again until about September 2013. From that point I used an eighth every two weeks up to July 2014.
***I also quit drinking in January 2014 and lost 25 pounds since that time.
***I am 5'11'', 190lbs now. Not fat but not a totally flat stomach either. I consider myself average build. My BMI is 26.5. I don't exercise and I drink lots of water all the time my whole life.
***The few days before my first UA (7-28-2014), Even though it had been about 2 weeks since i smoked, I started a cleanse called 7 day TOTAL BODY RAPID CLEANSE. On the 4th day i stopped using it because I was near to crapping my pants every 90 minutes on top of having to pee every hour and that looks bad at work.
***The Lab who is assigned to my treatment agency (im in treatment for alcohol), is called STERLING REFERENCE LABORATORIES based in Tacoma, WA (My treatment is in Everett, WA). Their confirmation limit is 15 ng/ml


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I'm not too sure how things work in the states, but i'm a UK healthcare professional so i know that the medical world unfortunately do tend to tar everyone with the same brush. Even when people like yourself are making a positive effort to improve their quality of life. So are you on this program voluntarily for acohol dependence? are the UA for weed secondary to this program? If u've smoked for a long time then the cannabinoids will get stored in your tissues, these will then get excreted for weeks after u quit. Everyone is different and will excrete these chemicals at different rates, they are talking shit because the results didnt marry up with their calculations. Like you said, give it another few weeks and those levels will further reduce. Are there any consequences to this result or are they just blowing smoke up u'r ass (to coin an American term)?

Try not to worry and keep doing what you are doing :)


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I would also take into consideration the fact that they are in business. They make money on keeping people in treatment. THC is stored in fat cells. You don't have to be obese to have a high fat content, muscle weighs more than fat. As long as the THC levels continue to drop, it shows you haven't used, otherwise the levels would go up. It sounds like they are blowing smoke in hopes that you are not educated in this area.
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