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30 OG Kush & 10 Cheese Grow


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Hello to everyone,
I am new here so let's start with begining ... I'm George, 28 years old ... etc

I'm at 4th grow, first 2 was disaster (first with cfl and small pots, second with HPS and also small pots), the thirs one was acceptable and now i want to be like wow and hope i learned from past ...

For start i have like this:
- 2 grow rooms (one 2x2m and one 3x2m)
- 40 seeds (30 OG Kush and 10 Cheese)
- 25 x 40w and 50w CFL for veg and 6 x 400w HPS
- only canna nutes and soil (rhizotonic, vega, flores, cannazym, pk13/14, canna boost and canna terra proffesional)

Now i'm in first week after germination so day 7 in soil in small cups (400 ml) and CFL's

Nutes i use exactly like Canna schedule (i used same at third grow and had no problems)

So ... i want: - in one week to put 2 x 400w HPS but i don't know if it's too much for veg days
- to keep vegetation for a total 3 weeks (minimum 20 days) and then turn to flowering
- to use a scrog sistem (i heard is not so good idea, just if are clones, not a must, but easiesr)

I dare to say i had a good work till now on the third grow (just lights was not enough, 50 plants - 1600w HPS and plants from margins are very short with small buds) cuz i did not had any problem with mold, yellow leaves, temp, air, bugs or anything so i will applaud myself :D, but still a lot of info that i don't know and i'm sure i will need a lot of help (the reason i started this journal)

I will not use clones, cuz i do not have another room

I will come soon with pics and keep up to date

What i need from this notebook ? To have as many replies as can with advices, answers and critics (all are welcome)

Thanks and let's grow mates !


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re: 30 OG Kush & 10 Cheese Grow

Like i said i have 39 plants (one bad germination) - in 0,4 l (0,1 gallons) cups - 20 cfl with 40-50w each
Now i want to add one or two HPS light (400w each) cuz i think is not enough, is it ok ?
After day 21 i will turn to flowering mode and move to 12 l (3 gallons) pot size and 6 x 400 w HPS si i will have 61 w / plant
I also want to make a scrog system but when to install it? Before or after flowering? Or doesn't matter ?

Keep in touch with news and photos.

David Bowman

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