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3000 Plant GrowOp Taken Down

Jim Finnel

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Langley RCMP cut the heart out of a large, sophisticated marijuana grow operation on Valentine's day, seizing 3,000 plants and arresting two Langley men.

Acting on a tip, drug officers searched an outbuilding in the 3100 block of 216 Street that appeared to have been modified to conceal the operation.

The building was equipped with security cameras, an alarm system, and all interior and exterior doors were of reinforced steel and locked with high-security padlocks, said RCMP Cpl. Diane Blain.

She said that while the building was wired to B.C. Hydro source, the majority of power came from an industrial-sized generator concealed within the building.

The amount of money invested in the operation led police to believe that it is linked to organized crime, Blain said.

The generator alone is worth $45,000, and a dozen air conditioning units are valued at $5,000 each, she added.

Police were able to seize only eight of the air conditioners from the grow-op which is capable of yielding three to four crops a year.

The plants, which were nearing maturity, were enough to produce at least one million joints, Blain said.

Two Langley men, aged 36 and 39, are believed to be caretakers of the operation.

They were arrested, and then released because they have no criminal record, Blain said. They still face charges of cultivation and possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

Blain added that police are making marijuana grow ops a strategic priority this year.

"We will be looking at different ways to tackle this problem, using our bylaw officers and inspectors, looking at electrical and fire safety, much like what they are doing in Surrey," said Blain.

The Township will recover the costs of closing down this grow-op from the property owner.

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Why are they measuring the amount of pot in joints? If they were all 1 gram joints they thats 2232 lbs

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
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