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300watt compact fluorescent?? any good?


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needa kno if 300watt cfl is enough watts 4 one plant. and if so, anybody kno were i can get em? looked in walmart saw none... someone get bak to me i needa kno !!!


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do you mean 300w equivalent, or actually 300watts of power drain?

Im using 3x20w (100w equiv) between 2 plants and they are loving it.

Just be aware that using low wattage cfl's you will get a better yield if you keep your plant small ie you should switch to flowering as soon as you get your 5th set of real leaves.
a plant matured longer and bigger in size under weak cfls will produce inferior buds when compared to a small plant in the same light due to bigger plants using more energy overhead just to exist.

source: 'Marijuana BUDS for less -SeeMoreBuds'

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the biggest cfl ive found off the shelf in home depot was 95w actual 150equiv. go with more lights if you cant find one . also check out one of the sponsors on this site:Namaste:


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The answer to your question "is a 300 watt bulb big enough to grow 1 plant", is yes it will grow fine. Though more information on how you plan to grow would allow you to receive a much more informative answer.

The answer to "where to find them" is sitting right in front of you. Just use that wonderful device called a computer and you can search massive amounts of places for what ever you are looking for.

A couple of thoughts on using a single 300 watt cfl:
1. 300 watt bulbs are harder to find (think about a bulb dieing in the middle of a grow)
2. twelve 23 watt bulbs give the same lumens at a little less consumption. (small grows do very well with SCROG setups)
3. two 150 watt HPS will give you around 70% more lumens.(though more heat to deal with)

hope this helps,


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respect goes a long way,,,,

wats a guy gotta do 2 get some help around here !!!!

i'd say,,, learn to spell,, and learn how to ask nicely,,,but then,, i'm old school so i don't think what i say matters... good luck...


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You can get the 300watt cfls at home depot they range from $14.97 to $19.57. I was going to use the 300 watt bulbs aswell but decided to go with 8x100 watt equivelnt cfls instead, good luck hope it helped


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300 watt CFL's at Home Depot work great for veg. I'm pretty sure they are 150 watt actual and 300w equivalent, if your using the same ones I have. They are massive but work fine.:goodluck:
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