315Watt CMH Lighting: Specs, Coverage, Pics

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These are not the big buds...loving the fall colors...oh the buds and hash these will make.
Day 84...end of week 12, 6 weeks since 12/12. Light was finally raised to its upper limit...still allowing 24” above canopy...which was the plan. The CMH315w 3k bulb is doing the job for flowering...super frosty and really swelling and filling in between nodes. New white pistils...another 2 to 4 weeks to go. I haven’t scoped trichomes yet.
Beautiful colors bro!!!

CMH getting it done in my closet. Birthday Cake at week 6ish of flower.
Nice buds mate. That GSC is a killer frosty strain. Quantums are pretty good, seen some decent grows.
How many watts of quantum and what size area?
Can you cover 4' x 4' in Flower with less than 315w? Its about weighing all that up.
Not knockin ya smoko but...mmmmm....
Not to critize, but one 315 will not cover your 4x4. Even in late veg, they need more. Two 315w cmh in a 4x4 is perfect !! Good luck !!
I have been running Nanolux 315 CMH for a few years now, both Vertical and Horizontal. Consistently good results.

5 plant Vertical setup. Two Nanolux 315 CMH bare bulb.
20200102_090100 (2).jpg

Top view
20200101_121754 (2).jpg

Plants on the Screens not long before harvest.
20200304_140945 (3).jpg

24 plant SOG, two 315 CMH hung horizontal.

Week shy of harvest.

Current grow, Horizontal, 4 plant not really a SCrog. Rotating Screen and plants on a Lazy Susan. Can rotate about 300 degrees and pull forward about 2 feet. This sure makes it easy on this old back of mine.
20200827_122705 (2).jpg

Three days after starting flower.
20200917_102009 (2).jpg

Four days prior to harvest of the Wedding Cake.

Will harvest this last plant, Mimosa EVO in a week to 10 days. This is after spreading the Mimosa over the screen.

Love my 315's, whichever method I use to grow in my 4x4 I get 23.5 to 29.5 zips per grow.
CMH315w in 3’x3’ continues to excel. Big auto grow now with about 4-5 weeks to go. 3 strains with zero touch approach this grow...plants are au natural as their genetics intended. I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. Just water and nutes...no work. The yield will tell.
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