31st day since 12/12 flip - Nitrogen toxicity?


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These are some pictures of my budding buds(hehe). This is 2 Gorilla Bomb plants on there 31st day since 12/12 flip. I am growing in a 4x4x7 tent with a 600w hps bulb. I have a few standing fans plus a 6in booster for intake and an 8in extraction fan with filter. Temps stay around 82-84 when lights are on and about 8-10 degrees cooler at lights off. Humidity is steady between 34% and 45%. I am using General Hydroponics flora trio. My E.C. stays around 1.0 with ppms around 650ppm at nute change. I also have added hydroguard and Z7 to help with my fluctuating rez temps(using water bottles to keep it cold...what a pain in the ass[emoji20].

Now that I have given some info behind my babies I have a growing concern that i am hoping someone can help me out with..I have been noticing that a lot of the sugar leaves have been pointing down and clawing. This is occurring on most bud sites throughout the plants. I've done some research and it appears to me that it might be nitrogen toxicity. I have been following a feeding chart off of Growweedeasy.com.

What do you guys think? Is this nitrogen toxicity? Or something else that I can't figure out? Any help would be appreciated, I am always grateful for the help I receive on here. I will also take any General advice any one has to offer..this is my first grow and starting to get excited to see my payoff, just hopiing not to ruin it before I get a chance to enjoy.
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