36Gr0w's First Journal - Hi-Brix - LOS - Indoor & Out!

Hey all! Well its about time I started a journal, since I'm starting one plant from seed and one from clone, planted today. This is my third indoor grow, getting better each time but always open to suggestions. These two will be ran in Doc Bud's Hi-Brix kit. The strains are Blue Glue (BD x GG4) and a purple strain that I don't know what it is. It's tasty, smelly, and easy to smoke and grow.

In the next two weeks I'll also be growing some other strains in some recycled los soil. These strains will include some of the following; Chocolate Thai, Thai Stick, Blueberry, Laughing Buddha, Mazar, Walking Dead, Amnesia Haze, and Skunk #1.

This spring and summer I will also be randomly showing some outdoor plants as well as my veggie beds.

What strain is it? Blue Glue and a purple
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Just starting, no roots
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor now, outdoor soon
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Docs kit and organic amendments
If soil... What size pot? Small atm
Size of light? 2 China leds
Temp of Room/cab? 70s
RH of Room/cab? 50s
PH of media or res? Lol
Any Pests ? Nope
How often are you watering? As needed
Type and strength of ferts used? Lol

Pics coming soon.
re: 36gr0w's First Journal - Hi-Brix - LOS - Indoor & Out!


Docs soil.


Purple clone, I put it in an aloe chunk instead of water then dipped in Roots!


Roots! Coming soon!


New home in the tent.


re: 36gr0w's First Journal - Hi-Brix - LOS - Indoor & Out!

I mixed up 7ml of transplant and 28oz water when planting the seed and cutting. They didn't need it all. My soil bins got some rainwater tea today as well. Living mulch in the strawberry and herb garden got cut down a bit. And stripped lumber for framing up my veggie garden, and round posts for fencing. Productive day for me!
re: 36Gr0w's First Journal - Hi-Brix - LOS - Indoor & Out!

website or phone froze up and lost my update. Fun times.

No drooping on the clone when I got home from work. Veggie garden getting built this weekend, going for two 5x10 beds, but depends on what I can get from my recycled lumber. Will get dirt delivered, and add amendments in the next two weeks. Lots of work and soil mixing.

Note to self, talk to buddy who's dad owns the nursery about ordering through them. I need lots lol.
re: 36Gr0w's First Journal - Hi-Brix - LOS - Indoor & Out!

And anyone interested in organic cannabis gardening, los, no till, or great information, look up Clackamas Coots and BlueJay on GCO. SweetSue has mentioned them as well. Both provide a plethora of incredibly accurate information backed up by science and experience. I will warn though, they don't hold everyone's hand like it's done here. Honest and to the point. Doc Bud is also a great grower and source. His pictures and journey inspired me to read and research, ask questions and seek answers. Thank you doc.

LEDs, I challenge you to give my soil a calmag deficiency...lol
re: 36Gr0w's First Journal - Hi-Brix - LOS - Indoor & Out!

Blue Glue has a tap root! Slight drooping with the clone, no discoloration or anything. All is well today with my little ones.

Veggie garden got a kelp/alfalfa slurry when I got home. Cover crop will be planted this week.
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Subbed! High Brix AND LOS! How could I pass this up. I'll be back later to read your excellent intro 360. Kuddos on starting a journal. The party starts now. :green_heart:
re: 36Gr0w's First Journal - Hi-Brix - LOS - Indoor & Out!

Wow you beat me to the punch I'm tilling my 1/4 acre garden next week. Been spreading used ocean forest for a year there 100's of 7 gallon pots worth.

Man you live so close I could Trebuchet a rock there. And you got a hot tub. Man we got alot in common. I'm sub'd for sure.
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