3G's Sponsored NukeHead Grow

Hello everybody, we have been sponsored by NukeHeads to grow out their signature strain, NukeHead! This will be a DWC grow using only Nuclear Juice and beneficials. We may add a bloom booster to help fuel the fire during the bloom phase.

NukeHead Strain Info:
Growers can expect a 25 — 30% THC concentration even with inexperienced growers
Huge stalks ... we have seen 2 inch thick stalks on plants only 22 inches tall in height
Will grow upwards to 15ft tall due to it's hybrid line of phenotype gene history
Strong medical effects but due to high concentrations smoke this lightly as you can get extremely paranoid or sedative quick.
The effects of this strain vary due to it's gene line, it will couch lock you, yet once you get used to the smoke it acts as an energetic smoke.
Great for back pain, and awesome in producing hunger for chemo patients
Grows very thick dense foliage with ultra fat leaves when indica pheno behaviors show out, but sometimes it's sativa genes will dominate and show thinner leaves.
This strain consistently grows polyploid ( Double Headed Buds ) and it's this odd and very rare character that we pride in as we have smoked these freakish buds and the effect and taste is surely something to experience for yourself !

**Here is the information on their Nuclear Juice that we will be using along with hydroguard and z7**

Ultimate nutrient for DWC, EB & FLo, Aerogardens, coco grows and any hydroponics application
Stays PH stable for upwards to one to two weeks all you do is add water as this nutrient drops PH not raises it
Combine this with Hydroguard and it's a simple two product huge hydroponics easy harvest !
Balanced NPK which allows this one nutrient to be used in both veg and bloom for your hydroponics application
Growing fast as the most popular hydroponics nutrient online between all major magazines and hydroponics growers!

Nuclear Juice available at MMJ LAB GRADE or on Amazon




To begin, we put one NukeHead seed in a small plastic container with dirt and sand and shook it up for a few minutes. The seeds came with a layer of resin as they're fresh seeds. This process is to help the water penetrate the seed's shell during the germination process. Our bean is soaking, currently, in a shot glass of water. Once she shows a tail we will further germinate using the paper towel method, and from there, into rockwool. Thanks for joining us, we are looking forward to putting this strain to the test!
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