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3w or 5w diodes is the question

I have the Kind LED's....the 3w ones...Love them! They have the brand new 5w lights that just came out....will wait to see how those review out....
I see a lot of talk about how LED lights suck and they are not as good etc etc....I just wonder if anyone that is trashing them has actually used them?....The KIND LED's have a 12 spectrum.......anyone know if there is a "Better" light that has done their homework?....I am open to looking at anything that is better but so far I have not found anything close for the cost....they just came out with the new 5w version....would love to know how those are doing?
I have used them since nearly their inception. The answer to your question will depend on your grow style. Personally I would go with 5w. The only advantage 3w would have is if you can get a stupid deal on them as opposed to 5w. SCROG will allow you to use 3w but you will have to keep your canopy wide and fairly shallow. 5w to me grow as well or better than my HPS. LED's do not stretch nearly as much as HPS. A good HO T5 setup will do as well as 3w at a shallow and wide SCROG so keep that in mind. If you want stupid sick with great penetration combine HPS and LED.... wow is all I can say. My LED will develop good strong "fruits" a good foot long(deep) which is equal to my HPS but the LED's "fruit" is denser. A lot of that could be the near lack of stretch though. Feel to ask me for specifics if you can think of anything.
So combination of at least 1-2 HPS with the Kind LED's then should knock it out of the park? I have a 5x9 tent with 3 Kind 600's in it......just wondering if I can justify spending any more right now.....lol.....unless that bumped up the yield 30+%!
These look pretty awesome....Kind has 12 Band instead of 11.....not sure if that additional band really matters or not?.....would LOVE to see a head to head comparison with Kind and these bad boys!
I just took delivery of a P450 this morning.

there was a comparison between it and TopLED's Mars II 1200, and despite pulling less than half the wattage, it out performed it quite comfortably in the umol measurements :Namaste:

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