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3x3 Gorilla Tent 1200 Watt COB Aeroponics Build


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So I am jumping into Aeroponics I plan to do 6 sites. I have experience with DWC however this will be my First Aeroponics attempt. So this is what I have done so far. For reference i am using this guide and modifying a few things.
DIY Aeroponics - New High Pressure Aeroponics DIY Plans - How To Grow Weed Indoors

First I purchased a 3x3 Gorrila tent.

What a pain putting this up by myself!

Then the pump i went with with 8852 version it has slightly higher psi.
http://www.sears.com/aquatec-qaa802866-aquatec-8800-series-8852-water-pressure/p-SPM13981942232 Here is the pump i am using

I bought a 1/4 MDF board to mount the pump and electrical to. I choose the MDF because it was lighter. Here are a few pics:

Now i had to figure out how to attach the transformer it had no screw holes. I ended up using a couple of l brackets and velcro:

Works like a charm!
next i decided to build a stand out of pvc:

All i am waiting on is for the sprayers filters and drain to arrive. Until then this is what is will look like:

A couple seedlings i will place in there next week once the sprayers arrive.

Here is an image of my light it is a 1200W COb LED made by Bestva Bright as hell i still see purple tones thru my led glasses!

I will post more on Tuesday the rest of the parts i need will be here Monday however, work so yea..... lol


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So when I ordered that pump I bought it thru the Sear's Marketplace to use my sears card. When it arrived at my house the receipt from the marketplace in the box showed a much lower price than what I paid thru the Sears site. With shipping i paid 120+20.00 shipping: I know it was more than i could find online however I wanted it on my sears card. When it arrived at my door the receipt said it should have been $99 with free shipping.

So I sent Sears an email asking why the price difference and to request to have the difference refunded to my sears card. When i checked my e-mail this morning I received this:

Thank you for your order with sears.com!

In regard to Order, a credit in the amount of $151.23 was issued to your account on 07/03/17 for the item 'Aquatec 8800 series 8852 water pressure boost pump (+ heavy duty 3 Amp Transformer) for aeroponics 100 to 200 GPD RO system'.

This credit should be viewable by your financial institution within in 3 to 5 business days. If you have any questions, please contact your financial institution after that period to verify receipt of the credit to your account. Please note, your financial institution may have processing guidelines for posting credits that may impact the time it takes for the credit to be reflected in your balance.

So pretty much they just gave me the pump for free because there was such a mistake made in the billing!!!!

Happy Day!


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Well i did some work today i have the misters ready to roll i just need to run up and grab a bit to drill my drain hole. I also added a 30 micron filer in the incoming side of the pump and a pressure gauge in the outputting. I also assembled the carbon filter.

Gonna start with the electrical next!
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