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I have a 3x3 tent in my bedroom close to window. First grow so I started with autos. 1000w led I have a 4" inline with a corbon filter bc of nosey neighbors.(even though this is medical grow) do I need an intake on the lower hole of my tent to bring air in? Any recommendations on dehumidifier for flowering stage. I want to avoid any spider mites/mold but really don't want to stress my plants either. Is there anything else I need to purchase that will prevent issues in the future. Already have thermostats and hydrogometers on way to help watch environment. Thanks in advance


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If you "need" an intake fan, it's generally just a sign that your extractor fan is undersized (in other words, too small). Your exhaust fan should be able to cause a slight negative pressure inside the tent; if your tent ends up looking too "sucked in," lol, open another of its vents (or, optionally, use a fan speed controller to slow that exhaust fan down a bit, assuming that doing so still allows adequate ventilation. Most consumer-level fans used for extraction duty will lose some gross airflow due to the "load" of the carbon filter - but some el cheapos will lose a LOT.

Oh, and your carbon filter should be rated as high or higher than the fan that's moving air through it.


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How do I find where my carbon filter is rated? I bought a complete kit from amazon. Figured since it was a kit that the parts were all compatible.


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