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3x3 veg tent - How many clones will fit?


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I'm probly wrong but I'd guess 9 is max plus need to know what setup you using dirt or hydro then the big question why in the hell you vegging for 9 weeks maybe only 2 plants at that size for clones I'm new to but I would fill up the 3x3 take the best half and start flowering soon as they get big enough keep vegging the rest and swap them out maybe I'm wrong but someone will give a answer with more info


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I took clones from my mother plant before i flower her.she is going to start on Friday and won't be done until September 22-25th. Therefore my clones will be in the veg tent starting July 21st until the next tent is free 9 weeks later or September 22-25.
I can't move it sooner and if I don't use these clones I won't have anything for next cycle so was trying to plan and time it right.


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In theory, you can fit as many clones in as you can fit final-size pots on the floor. In actual practice, you're going to have all kinds of issues, not the least of which are shit airflow, mold, mildew, rot, trimming, training, and feeding problems if you jam that many in there, especially for 9 weeks.

I would start with as many clones as you can fit / feel like taking from the mother to start, then whittle the number down by taking the best 50%, then the best 50% again a week or 2 later etc until you're left with a max of 4, and even then that's probably too crowded after that long in veg. You'd probably only want 1 or 2 by the end because even with trimming and training, they're likely to be awful bushy.

If you do go the super-crowded route, you'll want to make sure you have some serious airflow / extraction going on, humidity control, and some pretty powerful lights.

Edit : By the way, are these going to be Indicas, Sativas, or Hybrids? You could fit more Sativas in the floorspace, but you're going to have height issues to deal with. The opposite would be true of Indicas


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I have a 5x5 for flowering and just harvested 5 plants that were vegging for awhile.
I had room to spare on edges.
I was going to flower the mother.
Was gong to take 9 clones and put them in veg for a month and then flip for flower but my mother would be tossed after which I didn't want to do as I can probably get 1/2 lb off her.
So new plan is flower her now till September 25th
I have clones in clone machine ready to put in soil Monday.
Going to veg for 9 weeks as that's what the flower time is for mother and then Harvest and I've clones to flower in 5x5.


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sorry i miss read your post i do appolagise, well im running 4 northern lights in a 4x4 that were vegged for 5 weeks and there tight now!

so if anything i would run 5 like you did before, you could make a pretty nice scrog in a 5x5.

i always go by less plants more yield, more plants in a tight enviroment experience more problems in my oppinion.


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I do this all the time... I run perpetual... lots of plants all different ages in flower and VEG.

When asking the question "how many" - you should ask yourself how many plants do you want to harvest and how often? I guess that's 2 questions. The answer to those 2 questions will answer your "how many" question.

Also I clone a lot and take more cuttings than I need cause they don't all take...if you end up with too many in the VEG space you can always compost what you don't need... there's that and you should choose only the strongest clones after VEG to go into flower... the rest can get tossed in the compost heap. So yeah I always clone like 50% more than I need then choose wisely from the clones in VEG.

My dilemma would be why only 1 plant in flower now??
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