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3x5x6 Closet and 400 bucks can I pull it off and how?


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I have a 3 x 5 x 6 Closet and 400 bucks can I pull it off and if so how and how many can I fit? This is my first time and if I can't I need to know either way. T5's LED's soil hydro what the F*ck Please Help!:thanks:


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suggested not gospel: 400 watt switchable ballast either
magnetic or electronic [magnetic gives more choice of bulbs
HPS/MH/ CMH vs HPS/MH for electronic] i have electronic had i known of CMH bulbs back then i might have gone magnetic

Ballpark $$ magnetic 150-175 electronic 200

fox farm nutes 3 pack about 50$ for quarts

timer 15-? simple is under 20 $ digi with lots of bells and whistles can be expensive i personally like the industrial paragons grainger equip about 75 +$ have had mine since 1986? and i got it used from a greenhouse... but the white square boxes with lots of 15 min tabs work fine for under 20

seed starting kit 5-50 depends on bells and whistles again check out lowes h.depot wal mrt etc

good soil mix you can make your own topsoil;perlite;compost;peat? organic additives ? blood meal ;bone meal trace minerals kelp

basic is dirt compost perlite equal parts under 20$
the foxfarm nutes take care of just about all your nute needs
would add kelp/seaweed if i could find it

egg cartons or seed starters-- 4-6 inch pots -- plastic buckets up to5 gall [drill lots of 3/8- 1/2 inch holes in bottoms

good gardening guide for beginners or a MJ grow book

calander for grow closet wall [squares big enough to write in]

fans exhaust 10 inch box fan or computer fans if you can DIY
in room 10 inch oscilater

flat white paint surge strip with 5 + outlets

check with light co in sponsor list or try htgsupply they have acomplete soil kit with every thing under $400

new dirt won't need feeding til plants are bigger than 6 inchestall
so you could get by to start with light timer seeds dirt and pots and fans

go through the cabinet building and tutorials for a week or so before you actually spend any $$ so you don't end upspending
big money on something you only use 1or 2 times a year

about PH and TDS/EC meters nice but for a newby i'd suggest cheap litmis paper under 10 $ and mixing nutes exactly according to directftions and then adding more water
[[ mixing nutes weak will not hurt your plants too strong will definately risk killing them and if i had spent 100$ plus on good feminized seeds i would really be pissed at myself if ikilled them off]]
i emphatically DO NOT RECCOMEND HYDRO for a FIRST grow
unless you have a friend that has done it before able to be there with to guide you through it..... i have lots of gardening experience including working in greenhouses and cloning large Xmas poinsetta crops and i killed off 80 % of my first grow because i tried hydro only thing that worked that time were
a couple of backups in soil....

go to several websites for grow shops and read the guides and helps sections before spending money when talking to shop employees on phone ask do you garden and have you used this about any nutrients extras and gadgets....

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yes thanks for the info....good thing i ejoy reading...


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i suggest

grow tent 100$ ebay
250w hps 100$ ebay
fox farm soil 20$ local hydroponics shop
fox farm three-pack nutrients 50$
2 - T5 flourescent 20$ each
3 gallon bags or pots 1$ or so each
Light Timer $20
Be sure to buy oscillating fans if you dont have already.
All this for under 400$ and this should be a good grow. You can even use the extra money for buying seeds.


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have you ever been to electric ladyland..... [i wish i still had that on vinyl] actually to quote some other bits of lyrics from back in the day i was buying vinyl with allowance $$

are you experienced have you ever had any garden before

even out side doing veggies or flowers with parents older relatives etc....
if so you aren't as much of a virgin as you think [oh that sounds like a fun one to toss out in a room full of buddies after a nice fat cheech and chong cigar]
you should grab a packet of seeds at a everything/garden store and get the starter tray kit set it up now and set it in a warm sunny window this will give you a cheap on the job indoor gardening training so you don't screw up big $$$ seeds and give you a feel for timings and plant development so you have a feel/sense of
normal growth for young plants plus you can call a gardn shop locally and ask ?s about the veggie seed you bought there and started for yourself....[local technical phone support stealth 1.0]

if you are a religious type you should copy down the verses about plants from genesis 1:11-12 don't remember the korans creation story too jumbled in the suras for me or whatever your particular practice is to give a little spirituallity to
your grow it may increase your blessing rememember that noah was a pass out naked on the porch type drunk and look he made the bible as on old testament hero .....genesis 9:20-22
[ figured that was a footnotable reference]

perhaps the ark that saves us from global warming is made of hemp......

this mornings quick pick from the toaster oven literally must be better than it tasted i'm having some fun tangents this morning...

evangelical stoner is that someone who tells a newby how they did their first grows and helps them to be able to transmit the gospel of overgrowing so they sow and reap the blessings of
the herb bearing seed that god she pronounced it good unequivocably... sin got man and woman kind cursed along with thorns the serpent and the earth ... does that mean herb bearing seed grown in water or hydro is more holy than a soil


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as i read someones signature..I think it said "growing is not the hard part..not letting your friends know what your doing .is" something like that anyways...I just got the book the closet grower yesterday to read at work...I cant wait to get started..


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:bigtoke:If you can't do the time don't do the crime ;) All jokes aside, with $400 dollars you can absolutely grow some killer buds :rollit: Keep in mind that growing potent herb requires continuous investment into your indoor garden. The $50 bales of Sunshine or $25 bags of Fox Farm Ocean Forest or $15 bags of Castings all add up throughout your grows. I can't tell you the price to setup your grow and exactly what you need but I can suggest a few essentials that will make your growing life easy.

Ph Meter $50 ESSENTIAL ITEM!!!
Reverse Osmosis Filter System $120 EBAY ESSENTIAL ITEM!!!

Earth Juice Grow $12
Earth Juice Bloom $12
Earth Juice Catalyst $12
Earthworm Castings $10 15lb
Perlite/Vermiculite $10 15lb
Soil - $50
Humidifier or De-humidifier $15 EBAY or Craigslist
Go to a website propertyroom dot com and buy a HPS or MH setup for under $25

Get with one of our trusted sponsors and order some beans and start a journal so that we can see what you decided on. I bought all kinds of expensive grow gear and somewhat regret doing so. I have $600 in fans and $500 on a A/C hood/1000W Hortilux Super HPS/Switchable Ballast and $250 Habitat44 grow tent and a $100 Goblin Charcoal Filter and $100 worth of hangers/ducting/bamboo shoots. Then you start talking about nutrients that I WASTED MONEY ON. I had all kinds of Advanced Nutrients ferts that yielded just as much as using Earth Juice products and I enjoy the taste of organic bud :slide: Start off buying cheap stuff off of EBAY or Craigslist and once you yield a couple hundred dollars then invest in upgrading your setup. Just because it costs more money does not mean it is superior :smokin:

Good Luck:48:


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not getting busted do not talk do not tell anyone you grow
do not sell simplest do you live in apt or house if apt get ozone and odor control big time suggest for house too

start a cover garden other wise miss nosy neighbor will wonder what you are doing with dirt bags the ones you carry in to the house not your puke wearing drunk buddies falling off the porch at 3 am loudly.... put out some visible flower pots[veggies/pansysetc] do not show anyone your grow


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start a cover garden other wise miss nosy neighbor will wonder what you are doing with dirt bags the ones you carry in to the house not your puke wearing drunk buddies falling off the porch at 3 am loudly.... put out some visible flower pots[veggies/pansysetc] do not show anyone your grow

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look at journals..
read up and see what you like and meets your likings

and go from there... theres some great growers on these forums!
gotta say i agree with phatblunt this will be my first grow and after 2 months of back and forth what i will do i found that the most cost effective with a closet grow would be a dwc(deep water culture) with air stones )setup very cheap and very easy to build not consuing at all look at the results. hydro nutes and pretty cheap if research is done. on discount hydropontics they have a switch 400w hps and refelctor included at $159 and if upgrade was desired the new model by next gen is only 210 with everything timmers are cheap depending on where you live sometimes second hand stores will have cheap things that are ok to buy there like air pump also a petstore very cheap, anyways i think the dwc setup will be very cheap and easy for you to do and comprehend just remember keep a close eye on your babies take care of her and she will do the same.
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