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4:20 for Ron Paul?


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...I was hanging out and thinking...

what if the 420 culture could unite for a candidate that would eliminate the Federal Govt's "War on Drugs?"

the candidate...Dr. Ron Paul

the thought...at 4:20 each day, donate $4.20 to the Ron Paul campaign
Ron Paul 2008 — Hope for America

with a little math...$4.20 x 1000 donors/day = $4200/day = $29,400/week = OVER $1.5 MILLION between now and the 2008 Presidential election!

any takers?

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Re: 4:20 Bombs for Ron Paul?

Why do you guys not donate to 420 Magazine! It has been the vehicle to carry your voices and grows to the world, for a decade and a half.
420 Magazine has been at the forefront of bringing marijuana and hemp awareness to the world. Why do you call for donations to another site while you are getting a free ride here!!!

I have just personally donated $100 to 420 Magazine. I put my money where my mouth is!!!


If you are willing to make a contribution to 420 Magazine, even if it is $4.20, please pm me and I will guide you on how to donate.

Ron Paul may be a cool guy, but you are riding on the 420 Magazine bus at the moment.

And let me tell you something else. Ron Paul is unheard of outside the US and Canada! But 420 Magazine is! 420 Magazine carries a global message, and I am proof of that being on the other side of the world in Australia. You will get a far greater message across by contributing to 420 Magazine.
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Re: 4:20 Bombs for Ron Paul?

Then contribute to both. I was speaking as a member, not a moderator, nor admin. And yes, the future President of the United States is of big concern to other countries in the world. We, of course, see a very different picture of US politics than you guys do. I have no doubt Ron Paul would be a fine President of the most powerful country on the planet.
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Re: 4:20 Bombs for Ron Paul?

Yeah, gota' Go with Moose (and Rob)
Like I've said:
at least once Here
420 Politics
or someplace else around here.

LetUsPayTaxes can help Ron Paul

Let Us Help Eath Other
and We Really Should start At Home
Here with Rob !!!!

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Re: 4:20 Bombs for Ron Paul?

id donate to something with 420 in the title before Dr. thats for damn sure.

Simple and seemingly closed minded but more than the truth. It's not a government, its a system. How much influence do you have on the president vs how much influence you could have on this site?

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Re: 4:20 Bombs for Ron Paul?

You members in the US have no idea how greatful your international members are for bringing the message global.
Please, even if you can only afford $4.20 to this site, it would be money well spent.
And again, I am speaking as an ordinary member here. I believe in this mission of Rob Griffin's. His message is being heard.


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Re: 4:20 Bombs for Ron Paul?

because our future president matters to other countrys right? this post even as one sided as it is, does have a higher purpose then 420 mag making some money.
I do'nt agree,this site is'nt just tring to make a buck because if it were we'd be paying to be here.Furthermore the information in this site provides people with the resources to explore medcinal MJ,without all the bias and disinformation thats thrown down our throats everywhere else.As cool as Ron Paul would be as president,my money would would be better spent right here.
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