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For some reason, I'll be sitting in my room playing video games or watching TV, and I'll stop to look at my clock, and sho nuff, it's 4:20 on the dot. I don't get it. A couple nights ago I woke up out of the blue facing away from my clock. About a minute later I wanted to know what time it was, so I rolled over, and again, sho nuff, it was 4:20 on the dot.

Does this ever happen to you? Does anyone have a rational explanation?

Key West

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That happens to me all the time except itd 9:11. So we all say "always remember" as in 9/11.

MR sHibbZ

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Mant times i've just looked at the clock and it says, 9:11, but only a few times have I looked at a clock and it reads, 4:20


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it happens to me all the time, one time i was aboout to puff a bowl and i look at the clock to make sure my mom or dad wasnt coming home and fo sure it said 4:20 exactly and i laughed..


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That happens about once a week to me. I dunno how or why or what but its pretty crazy, and normally im out with friends cuz we hang out after classes til like dinner time.
So ill try to roll a J as fast as i can...never make it in time though.


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It must be some freakin' weird coincidence that happens to most people. It's always either 4:20 or CLOSE to 4:20 whenever I look at the clock around mid-day.

Maybe it's a sign...

Anyways, it's been like a half a year since I posted anything on these boards, so I'm just trying to get back into the groove of things.

And to think I was even a MODERATOR...


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You notice it, because you remember looking at a clock if it reads something that has significance to you, such as 4:20 or 9:11. When I'm over at my dads, I get up around 11:30 and I watch tv for an hour or 2. I usually look at the clock when it's 12:34, strange, 1-2-3-4.


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it feels good to be posting again.
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