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4 days at 12/12. Switch back?


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I switched tko 12/12 about 3 days ago and have no signs of flowers yet. I have found my thrips were'nt under control as I'd like and am going to try some plant vitality plus tonight. I was considering switching back to 18/6 for a week or so to try to relieve some stress. Any thoughts? Is this going to just create more stress? Some of my older middle fan leaves are crispy at the edges...

Droopy Dog

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Should be no problem, not if only for 4 days and no flowers visible.

Just don't keep doing that.



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2wheels ...Do not go back to veggie. Make sure your PH is good and raise your light 12".
You will know when to lower your light when the top leaves of your lady begin to 'reach up' Good Luck
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