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4" grodan in 6" netpot - DWC question

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Hey folks,

i'd like to use just a 4" grodan cube stuffed in a 6" net pot with a coco coir cover over the cube to keep out the light to control algae... in a DWC bucket without any hydroton...

will this cause any problems, or do i actually "need" any hydroton/lava rock or whatever?
I will be using General Hydroponics Flora nutes, and their dual diaphragm pump, and large round air stones.

kind regards
Does coco coir break down at all? Will it effect the PH of the water if it does? Will it clog anything if it breaks down?

Why not just cover the pot with Panda plastic and make a hole for the plant to grow through?
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the coir covers came with my eco garden from GH, so i figured i'd use them in my 5gal dwc's
Oh, well if the came with the system they are probably intended to be used with it. I don't see a problem with your plan in that case.
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yeah, i just didn't want to hassle with the hydroton... messy
thanks guys