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4 Kali Kush x Mendocino Purps & 2 Unknowns


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STRAIN - 4 Kali Kush x Mendocino Purps
- 2 Unknown Seeds From a grower friend

MEDIUM - Magic Dirt potting soil with Scotts Hyponex potting soil Mixed together ( I had 2 half bags of different soil so what the hell) :)

NEUTREINTS - FF Trio - Grow Big , Big Bloom , Tiger Bloom , Episome Salt , Tap Water (Ph=6.5 out the tap) , Grandmas Molasses , Bone Meal , Blood Meal ( Used as needed maybe a little less then that)

POTS - 2 Gallon Fabric Pots , Started in 1qt Jiffy Pots

Environment - Outside Water Heater Closet
( Free Co2 ) With a homemade blackout tent for Flowering

TEMP - 80 during the day 55 during the night

HUMIDITY - Between 35% - 60%

Time Schedule - Vegging for 8-10 Weeks
Flowering - 60+ Days

****** Thanks for looking keep it Green ******


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Here's the babies outside soaking up the natural rays !!!

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4 Kali Kush x Mendocino Purps & 2 Unknowns

How are they doing?

Looking good in my eyes
What are those red things in the soil?
Fish tank rocks they plague my garden !!!!As for the plants it's been cold as all hell here in So Cal and 4 died !! They are all Bag Seeds so it wasn't a total loss!! Still sucks but not that bad the genetics where subparr

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us, sorry for your loss.

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