4 RQS Strains - Coco Airpots - Scrog - GLR

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High All

This is round 3 of my indoor tent grows and my first time using coco. I didn't make a journal for my second grow which was an experimental 12/12 from seed grow.

These 4 are one day shy of 3 weeks since they sprouted with the Special Queen maybe 3 days behind the others. With making RSO I was pretty keen on growing a resin heavy strain called Ice but I only had one seed and sadly it didn't germinate so the spcial queen was a bit of an afterthought.

They have been on GLR since the start and all I can say is wow!!! Between GLR and the airpots, I am still blown away by how developed the roots are. They are streaming out the bottoms of the airpots, long strands of them. I have a drip plate underneath them and I can clearly see roots all over it, lifting the airpot and looking underneath is quite a sight. The runoff is sitting in these drip plates and the roots are basically sitting in this res of runoff water. I am eager to know if this is potentially a good thing or not so if anyone can chime in that would be appreciated.

If i had the space i would be very tempted to run a test where the plants are started under GLR and 2-3 weeks in once the roots have been established to switch the lights to 16/8 for another couple weeks of veg.
I recon you could grow monsters. I am pretty sold on GLR, especially in the warmer months.

I have also FIMmed all of the plants. I have no idea if I did it right so we will have to wait and see.

My goal for this grow is to get 100+ grams from a 4 plant scrog. The Special kush is looking a little runtish and sad so I may cull her as i am dealing with a 2x2x5 space. I know 4 plants is really ambitious (read foolish) in such a tight space but i have been unable to work now for over 6 months so I am welcoming the challenge, if nothing else just to give me some purpose and excitement in life.

Lets start with the strains for this grow:

White Widow:

THC 19%
CBD Medium
Yield Indoor 450-500gr m2
Yield Outdoor 550-600 grams per plant dried
Height Indoor 60 - 100 cm
Height Outdoor 150 - 190 cm
Flowering time 8-9 weeks
Harvest month Late October
Genetic Background White Widow S1
Type Sativa: 50% Indica: 50%
Effect Extremely stoned

Skunk XL:

THC 17%
CBD Medium
Yield Indoor 600-650gr m2
Yield Outdoor 550-600 grams per plant dried
Height Indoor 60 - 100 cm
Height Outdoor 160 - 200 cm
Flowering time 7-8 weeks
Harvest month October
Genetic Background Skunk
Type Sativa: 50% Indica: 50%
Effect A combination of stoned + high

Special Kush 1:

THC 17%
Yield Indoor 425-475gr m2
Yield Outdoor 500-550 grams per plant dried
Height Indoor 60 - 100 cm
Height Outdoor 200 - 270 cm
Flowering time 7-8 weeks
Harvest month Late September
Genetic Background Afghan x Kush
Type Sativa: 20% Indica: 80%
Effect Clear and energetic

Special Queen:

THC 18%
Yield Indoor 500-550gr m2
Yield Outdoor 500-550 grams per plant dried
Height Indoor 80 - 140 cm
Height Outdoor 200 - 270 cm
Flowering time 6-8 Weeks
Harvest month Late September
Genetic Background Power Bud x Skunk
Type Sativa: 50% Indica: 50%
Effect Extremely high, long-lasting, body relaxing

Pot Size - 6 litre airpots
Medium - 25% perlite 75% coco
Lights - 250w HPS
Nutrients - Canna Coco AB + Calmag

This grow will primary be used to make RSO but I will also keep a few buds for before bed smoke to help with chronic pain.

Pics to follow:

Jack Dabs

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A few pics from my 12/12 from seed grow to get started. This grow was not entirely successful and after this I vowed to try another medium as soil just wasn't working for me. I had very high ph and it did not matter what i did, i couldn't seem to bring it down. I also scorched my plants with ph down and they were never going to thrive in that environment. Heat was also a massive problem.

I grew out 2x Power flower which is a mix of South African sativas, 1x fruit spirit (w.w.x Blueberry) and 1x Northern Light.

The Northern Light was 100% indica and naturally didn't do well under 12/12 from seed but in saying that it was my favorite smoke out of the 4.

I got a total of 2 ounces for about 11 weeks of growing.

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Jack Dabs

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Pics of the current grow to follow:

Also if anyone knows how to invite people to my journal, please let me know. I have a few people who have followed my previous grow and would love to invite them en masse rather than having to send individual messages.

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Here is the 3 weeks veg update:

All the girls are looking well except for the Special Kush which is really crinkled. I have no idea why and to be honest if I have to cull her for space I wont be too upset about it. Its been pretty runtish from the start. Hopefully she improves but I really have no idea what could be causing it?

Skunk XL


White Widow


Special Queen


The sick Special Kush:








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Not much to report except that my FIM didn't seem to work. Seems I took too little off the top and only have some cut leaves at the top to show for it.

So I just topped the special Kush and will leave things as they are for now. Its strange, seems the roots have been so well established and are still growing.

The girls are getting bushier but not much vertical growth and not sure how to do the scrog at this stage. 3 weeks veg and still waiting for a growth explosion so I can set up the screen. It's a tiny space and I am not too keen to veg them too long otherwise I wont manage them but at the same time I want to fill most of the screen and don't even have enough vertical growth to leave space for waterings.

Sir Budlovski

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Those three girls look pretty nice mate.
How do you like growing in airports?
Could the lights be to close not letting them stretch much?
My new little strawberry cough in bubble buckets almost 3 weeks but still much smaller then yours, have had a lot of complications though..
Hopefully they will give you a nice boost soon, do look a little on the droop maybe something to do with watering
Anyways mate all looks nice :thumb: I'm keen on following this grow!

Jack Dabs

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Hey Sir Bud glad to have you along for the ride.

I think the droop is from taking the pic just after lights on so will keep an eye on it but they seem to perk up pretty quick.

As for the airpots, I am more than impressed, blown away tbh. I think it's the combination of airpots, coco and GLR but I have never seen such explosive root growth. I have roots streaming out the bottoms of the pots. Airpots in soil I found to be royal pain in the arse but with coco there is no leaking out the holes, it just seems to drain beautifully.

I am pretty keen to see how the light change experiment works. My (possibly flawed) theory is that if plants focus on root growth during dark periods, then GLR definitely makes a difference. I would say that the root structure is pretty well developed so to my mind the extra light hours now should make them focus on more explosive veg growth which should solve my problem (maybe too well?). 6 days of 16 hours a day and hopefully they shoot up some. I really dont want to take them past 4 weeks veg. I used 6l airpots to try and keep them at a manageable size and cant wait to get the screen going.

off to have a look at your journal.

Sir Budlovski

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Glad to be here!

Yeah I thought it may have been something like that so that's alright then :)
Thats. Awesome to know mate after my current grow I'm most likely going the coco airpot way myself just due to the fact that dwc has some real gahhh moments with it where as potted grows I always have decent results haha I'm definately going to look at getting a few of them after harvest.

Yeah light schedule is pretty important, my journal has a fair bit of info on it know for light schedules, I always thought 24 light would be good for vege, turns out its not really, good for clones and young seedlings however the tests have apparently shown that 18/6 or atleast 20/4 is best for them in vege, then there's the typical 12/12 for flower but I've seen people now doing 11/13 for flower now for faster finishing :)

Very nice I might go.with a whole bunch of 6l my self next time around maybe six of them. And like you can't wait to do the scrog will be my first time aswell as with led so will be quiet exciting times :thumb:

Jack Dabs

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Awesome stuff think you will love coco and airpots. For the first time I have ph dialled in and it's dead simple (he says boldly now). As it stand now I just can't see myself using soil again.

Your setup looks a bit too advance for my skills at the moment but if I had the space and finances I would love the challenge. I really want 100+ grams from this grow so that I can make myself a nice stash of oil and it can last me for some time. I really want to stop growing until next winter if I can. Summer temps are a nightmare in here and heat was a major problem. Pretty sweet now as I have no heating on in my room at the moment and it's still pretty toasty. Temps inside the tent are roughly 25-27c so finally it's all falling into place.

My eldest daughter also managed a sneak a peek in through the passive air flap and saw plants in there. Makes my story that i am running a ''special computer'' which I tried to convince her is a server but i don't think she is having it. Last thing I need is her telling her friends or even worse other adults that dad grows plants in his room. Thing is as it stands now I have had some health issues along with my near-constant pain so it's either grow or get addicted to opiates. Don't get me started on the feeble laws that protect profit while people suffer. I have developed what I think is an unhealthy empathy for other people's suffering that a beautiful plant could ease and heal at the same time.

I would like to invest in LED's for the summer months but at this stage i need to get well enough to work again and then we will look at moving. The next place we move to will have to have an allocated area for my grows.

The 6l airpots are great and we will see but i recon you could grow some sizeable plants in them. If you have a seed stock that you don't know what to do with them I recon 12/12 from seed in 3l airpots would be great too. If the plant count wasn't an issue i probably would have done 10 or so 12/12 from seed in the 3l pots for fast turnaround and variety. With making oil I like the idea of having a broad range of cannabinoids from different strains.

As for the light schedules, 11/13 is intriguing but I have always felt 24/0 is overkill. I just cant see how that is good for the plant. I have found GLR really good and helps with the electric bill too.

Sir Budlovski

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So do I due to the pure simplification of it all :)
Its funny, when I looked it up I thought, yah that's simple enough, got it and the experience is almost mind boggling haha
I mainly have used it just in the hope of a good yield from one plant so I am hoping but if you ever go that path my journal and others are always here for reference :)
I'm going through summer now but I think my cfls and leds should help with that heat abit.
That's kind of funny but not at the same time haha it really isn't the best thing to have kids running around saying at a curious age but I hope you can keep it all going well and kind of low key.
I'm the same there I get going on that subject and its hard to ease up on its such a pathetic thing that people have to tip toe around the law to save themselves from pain, suffering and heavy drug addiction like damn opiates.

Leds are great the prices however are quiet unimpressive, that's why I went the real cheap led route so I'm hoping it pays off. An allocated grow area is definately needed with young children especially, something you can kind of lock up.

I havnt tried any 12/12 from seed so I think the airports would be a good time to try that out, I'm a little bit of a fan of autos aswell so, I could definately use 3-6 litre pots all round the tent.

Yeah I've hardly used 24 other then clones until I did my papaya and I soon found out its no good, but like you said glr is good for the bills but also good for the heat, in my warm climate I always keep lights out during the day and it helps a bunch :)

Hope your ladies are looking well :Namaste:

Jack Dabs

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I cant say I have too much experience with auto's but i have grown out a couple of dwarves in my first indoor grow and I absolutely loved them. I have read in a few places that ruderalis has little if any medicinal or therapeutic value but I am not so sure. Both of the auto's I grew were fantastic painkillers and saw me through a few tough times. Much better than the photo plant that was supposed to be a brilliant painkiller (one of the reasons I grew it).

As I said I would like to take a temp hiatus from growing but I have been toying with the idea of squeezing one more auto grow this winter. I have 3 AK automatic seeds and one dwarf bean left so it is tempting me. I can see it now, cant help myself. In fact I am sold already. God it's addictive. I have already had the discussion with Mrs Dabs, I have a mate coming to visit from SA and he and his mom have some medical conditions that could be helped a lot with the oil. They are open to growing and have done it before. So i said I would leave it in his hands. if he is keen to grow and make his own oil, I will give him the auto seeds so he can squeeze them in during some of the best summer months. If he is not interested I suppose I will have to bring them to life. :icon_roll :yahoo:

Sir Budlovski

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I've only grown my pineapple express auto but the speed of growth has the photos seeming real slow to adjust to again now haha
I've got auto red poison and auto bloody skunk seeds to try soon ill let you know how they go for high and effects, you'll prob see the journal when I get there anyway hahaa

I've heard good things about the dwarfs and an is always good I'm still positive my pounder had an in it or was one. A auto version of that would be good to see.
That's a good way to go because if they do grow them the autos will really get them keen compared to starting with a photo. Always good to help people out but I guess if they aren't interested in growing them you can always sell/give the oil to them haha good on though mate looking forward to it all :thumb:

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Yeah I feel that pain, seems my plants are taking an age to grow. The change in light schedule did have an immediate effect though and noticed about an inch in vertical growth so I may be onto something here with the GLR and then switching to 16/8. If I did it gain I recon 2 weeks GLR - 2 weeks 16/8 then switch to flower. In fact I am going to try it next time i grow photo plants. I will try and remember to take a pic of the roots streaming out the bottom of the airpots.

Please if someone could let me know if it's a bad thing having roots sitting in their own runoff res? I am concerned about root rot and/or other nasties.

As for the growing this mate that is coming is the only friend who even knows I am growing as he is one of those guys where you know it will go no further. Actually no thats not true there is one other mate but he grows for personal consumption too. I use the no smell no tell no sell approach. I would love to be in a position to make extra oil to give to friends but at this stage I am battling to make enough for myself, Mrs Dabs (who has high blood pressure) and my bro who had cancer last year. That's why I am aiming for 100 grams+ and i really want to hit that mark even if it means fighting with a mini jungle in my bedroom.

Jack Dabs

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Oh and the FIM failed miserably screwed up 4 out of 4 :50: Just some cut leaves to show for my efforts.

Next time i will make sure to cut lower but not going to top now as I would like to put them in flower on Tuesday, except the special kush (runt) who was topped the other day.

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Ok so......I decided to switch from GLR to 16/8 veg and they have been running at that schedule for 6 days now. Today is 4 weeks veg exactly and tonight they will be switched to 12/12.

It really isn't ideal as the idea was to have some more vertical growth by now at least enough so that watering would not be a problem when the screen is up.

I can't really wait too much longer so I figured I may as well flip them to flowering now and hopefully I have some decent stretch to work with to fill the screen. If not I can always abandon the screen although apart from a failed FIM they haven't been trained at all so I expect there is going to be a bit of a fight getting an even canopy.

The skunk looks very well as does the Special Queen but the Special Kush still looks like a limp,crinkle cut runt and has shown no signs of improving. The White Widow looks pretty sick at the moment too and am not sure what the deficiency is?

Pics to follow:
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