4 RQS Strains - Coco Airpots - Scrog - GLR

Jack Dabs

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Thanks mate, yeah they have been looking really good and I think the cal/mag problem is officially fixed. I can say that coco is the way forward for me. I thought what the hell, let them grow normally but i underestimated coco and 6l airpots.

As for the fan its a bog standard fan for the size of the tent TT model if i remember correctly. I just have passive intake and a clip on fan. I have ordered 2x dehumidifier eggs. No idea if they work but there's two of them coming which adds a bit more flexibility. I totally agree, i would rather have low humidity than high humidity and i do think it is a bit of a drawback with coco but hey in your climate that should be ideal. The sponge is an interesting one and may be worth experimenting but I recon the ''eggs'' should do the trick, if not I will find something else to use but I cannot handle mould problems, i need these meds for urgent pain and inflammation relief.

You raise a great point about the heater too, we have these bloody storage heaters though and they decide to switch on and off as they please with no rhyme or reason, so I figured just up the overall temps a bit but first lets get that humidity closer to 50%.

For the next photo shoot I will take the girls out again and get some snaps of them individually. They are all so different in structure it's quite amazing. Oh and my skunk is already starting to live up to her name. One stinky ass girl already.

Hope everyone is having a great new year so far and all the best with your grows.

Sir Budlovski

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I don't think it would be hard to under estimate the coco/airport combination haha
That's alright bit of air circulation helps things maybe a good fan for exhaust will help dry things up I'm only running a 6inch exhaust fan atm but it dries things up too much for my already low humidity climate but needs to run to help with heat haha, your right with the coco for me it should really help me bump up my humidity levels which will be good for me.
Yeah sponge was the only diy thing I could think of other then your rice idea but I think the eggs you got should work alright I've seen a few people use them :thumb:
Yes I'm hoping and sure you will get the mould issue away from your grow, when in need of meds we handle things!
Yes those types of heaters are a pain something your work around I'd say but you'll get there :)
Looking forward to your next pic update will be good to see them seperately :)

Hope yours is going lovely as well mate!

Jack Dabs

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Quick update, I am fast running out of space in the tent so I took a couple pics to ask on the FAQ's for some suggestions as I don't have too many people following this journal so I am adding them here too.

I still have 4 days of stretch left and after 2 of them put on 2 inches overnight I am cutting it very fine. Big defol coming up at the 3 weeks of flower stage so hopefully that should spread some light around but for now if they grow any more than a couple inches I am definitely going to run out of vertical space. On the plus side they look amazingly healthy and even though they haven't had any training the confined space has led to the satellite branches stretching to meet the main cola so in some parts the canopy is pretty even.





Jack Dabs

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Thanks bud, yeah I have got some good advice over on the FAQ's some of it conflicting, so will have a look tonight and put together a plan of action. I am thinking maybe i should just put the screen over it now just to keep the buggers down. Really need to reduce the RH as a priority. In fact on my last grow, one of my plants was in the lights hot spot and it burned the top of her, she stopped growing up and just fattened out like crazy. Was my fave of the lot and definitely the best smoke. Almost like LA's bud backbuilding technique just without any intention. Funny how screwups or problems can work out for the best, much like your dogs supercropping your outdoor plants. :bravo:

Sir Budlovski

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Hey mate, how have you gone with ladies after the info you got?
Definately seems like the late screen may be the only option.
I hear you there mate, I like to call them good accidents haha not only my dog but my pounder was pretty much a whole good accident plant, hope it works out for you whatever you do, screen may add a lil stress but you have 4 plants under a hps so they should still give you abit of meds and it will still be good quality :)

Jack Dabs

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Thanks bud. Yeah I got some good advice over on the other thread. Most recommended I do a defol but I have decided to just remove leaves a little at a time so as not to stress them too much at this stage in flowering. I have taken all the main branches and tied them to the corners so that the other satellite stems can catch up and I recon I may get a fairly even canopy doing this. The nice thing about them being in a confined space is that they all grow up straight even though they started very bushy and stocky in structure. The stretch sorted that out.

The humidity is a bit tough to get an accurate reading, if I leave the meter towards the bottom of the tent I get a reading of around 75% but if I put it in line with where the buds are I get a reading of 50% which is great. I am not sure if that is accurate but i will watch out for rising RH and take measures as needed. They definitely need a bit of a trim but as I said I will do a little at a time where the leaves are blocking light to the good bits. I never imaged I could get coco dialled in so easily and these plants look extremely happy despite the sardine tin they are confined to. I see you finally have your coco :high-five:

Pics to follow tomorrow.

Jack Dabs

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Week 7 (3 weeks of flowering) Update Pics:

Not much to report really just going along nicely. I wanted to get some shot of them out of the tent but I have tied the main stems to the corners, except for the WW otherwise I wouldn't be able to water. I will get in there in amongst it next time for closer snaps.

The runt is the strangest plant I have ever come across, its structure is so strange and it's just freakish in so many ways. It keeps growing into the light and burning itself and I keep having to pinch the stems so it goes vertical and somehow it either pops up or goes dead rigid. The stalks either bend like a supercrop or snap which ok can be normal depending on where you do it, but most of the stems feel hollow. Even the flowering is bizarre, like the buds are not coming from the right places and it is well behind even though she has stretched past the light. I suppose wierd characters like that are what makes life interesting. I am expecting a very pitiful yield from her but I am damn curious to see what it turns out like otherwise I probably would have culled her by now.



The Runt



Special Queen


White Widow






Jack Dabs

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The Skunk is a beautiful looking plant and I really like the structure, love the white widow too and her leaves in the pic are just fine, the lighting makes it look like they are burned. The Special Queen looks a damn decent plant too and I recon the skunk and SQ will finish flowering at around the same time, I have a feeling the widow will take a while longer even though RQS says the same flowering time if i remember correctly, that's the reason I chose them for this run. The runt has had to be abused so she will take strain. Gotta watch her growing balls on me, that plant seriously is not normal. From the very start its been a mutant.

Sir Budlovski

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Haha mutant, made me start laughing after reading that :)
They are looking good, can't wait to see harvest and hear the weights!
Yes it would be nice to see some other input and followers around here, then again can't say mines a lot better with followers, seems to be like that on the lesser experienced growers, which to me defeats the point if experienced growers are only interested in following advanced grow journals. However that's why I like to jump on the what seems to be the less popular journals, since I hate the feeling of a lonely journal so I like to help put what input I can in and help keep people interested in making journals.
Seen people wonder why people leave the site and abandon journals, probably because everyone is busy digging into the popular growers and grows to give a sh#t bout anyone else.

Jack Dabs

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Yeah I am not too concerned about it. People come when the buds start swelling. I agree lonely journals are sad so I also like to contribute on those where I can but what is nice with fewer people is that you get to know them better. On my first journal I had some top guys on my thread and in fairness I spent more time on their threads too. Trying to avoid typing cause no matter what device I use it strains my back but i am always looking. I don't have a phone that plays nice with 420 so its, tablets or laptops.

The grow is still just ticking over nicely. The plants still look really happy and buds are developing at a rapid rate. The smell is getting quite strong and just appeals to the senses. I have noticed some crystals on freakshow already. That plant amuses me no end. Wispy little buds developing but even the buds look deformed. Think if it was a human you would say her parents were siblings.

The others just look beautiful. Taken quite a bit of the lower growth off but i did it a little at a time over a few days. Makes watering easier and wont take them out of the tent again unless I have to. once i position them I can tuck leaves and get as much light to bud sights as possible. Every time I take one out I have to rearrange them.

it is a really bad use of lights but i think a scrog would have seen them criss crossing all over each other and would have had it's own set of complications.Hope things are wgoing well on your grow, on my way to have a look now.

Sir Budlovski

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Yeah I agree with you there bud, sorry for that got abit tangy on that, happens some days haha.
I'm with you there use my phone a lot but lately it keeps logging me out not long after I log in does my head in some days haha
Guess its a good think to have the inbred mutant in there, gives something extra to watch and get some laughs out of, wouldn't it be interesting if its bud were potent as, probably unlikely but tjhat would be funny haha
Yes taking things in and out of the tent can be a pain and extra strain on the back, another reason I'm kind of glad to be rid of my dwc bucket!
It may be but your still learning and that's what its about :thumb: yeah a scrog may have worked with 2 of your big girls but not the 4 that would of been a big jumbled puzzle I reckon haha either way you should get good results :)
Cheers mate, I think its alright, kind of anyways haha

Jack Dabs

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One thingI have learnt from growing over the years is never discriminate until the final product has been tested, had some awful looking plants in the past that have turned out to be the best smoke. I still doubt this one will be amazing but I cant say it would surprise me if she was. You right though, does make for some good laughs at her expense. On that note its week 8 pics time, starting to get some frosting and on the skunk I even have some on one of the big fan leaves and she is starting to stink. They all are actually but the skunk smells beautiful.

Jack Dabs

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Damn these plants are persisting with these little bud sites way down near the bottoms, I keep pulling new growth off daily, when will they learn if it aint gonna grow it's gotta go. :popcorn:

Can anyone advise if I should be pruning higher up than I already am? The last pic should be a good reference, there are some low ones that are not going to see much light, should I leave them for now and have some popcorn or should I focus on main colas. Also how much will it stress them this far into flowering?

I am taking off leaves here and there and am not planning on being ruthless but should I be a little more heavy handed on the pruning?

Any input would be appreciated.

Sir Budlovski

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Those girls of yours are looking nice and beautiful now man, the beautiful stench of skunk type bids are great let alone still on the plant must smell delicious :)
I hate the way they can still keep pushing out new growth after you have trimmed in flowering can be a pain sometimes.
I'm not sure on you questions myself but being that far in flower it could be a good time to stop and leave be for the rest or do a little more that you wanna remove and then leave it. Also if your going to make up oils or edibles etc. Abit of popcorn here and there won't hurt at all just more to add to the mixture.
Looks good anyways bud following hard now :)

Jack Dabs

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Thanks Bud, it is going really well almost boringly so but I would rather have it that way, that's for sure. The skunks (special queen is also skunk hybrid) are already stinking to high heaven and are packing on that frosting fast now. Stinking has a bit of a negative connotation, smelling delicious is more apt. :circle-of-love:. Aaah that beautiful skunk smell, nothing quite like it.

I think you right though, I have taken off what I am going to and just leave the rest for now, I will keep removing the odd leaves if they are really in the way like I have been doing but not unless it's for a good reason, agree with you, popcorn is fine when making oil. Nice in a way because it allows me to make some oil from the popcorn while the rest of the main buds are curing.

The runt is probably getting the most frosty the fastest. She has such wispy little buds but if she packs some weight into those she cold turn out to be a very decent plant. We will see, they got the "special'' part right when they named her. :slide:

Sir Budlovski

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That's good to hear mate, that skunk smell boy is it a potent diff, quiet delicious. Hoping my bloody skunk gets a good smell to it haha
Very good mate that's it your around them the whole time so you know and can see what's going to be best for them :thumb:
Haha that's awesome, I've noticed that with some runt plants they do a lot better with trichomes compared to actual bud but hopefully she fills out a little like you said, haha The special special plant haha

Jack Dabs

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9 Week Update (5 Weeks of Flowering)

Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures, I really need to figure this camera out and will keep playing around.

Not much to report, they are still cruising through this so I am happy as can be, I have some leaf burn in parts and there is some bleaching on one of the buds but the light is as far as it will go and they have stopped growing just in time, the runt has gone past the light on one of her main branches but as you will see from the pics, her buds are not exactly impressive and if you have read through this journal you will know she is not the best plant I have ever had from day 1, she has been a sickly runt.

The White widow is going ballistic with packing on the weight in the last couple days while the Special Queen and Skunk are just noticeably bulking just a little every day.














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