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4 Strains, 10 Plants - Outdoor Grow


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Hi everyone and welcome to my photo journal.

Complete and utter noob at this. I have read a lot online but the reality is I'm learning as I go. It's my first time and any comments, advice and criticisms are welcome.

So I had 12 seeds (Feminized) and germinated them all the good old fashioned way. Soil and water.

After 5 days, 10 of the 12 sprouted. The other 2 are no shows, so I've pretty much given up on those 2.

Strains are:
Blue Widow
White Widow
Critical +

(Sadly one of the seeds that didn't sprout was a Power Kush.)

Photos are below:

5 Days From Seed:

Critical +

Blue Widow

White Widow

10 Days from Seed (Give or take):

Critical +

Blue Widow

White Widow


Was concerned about stretching due to light being to far away. Not sure if this was just having the plants with bad access to sunlight, outdoors or both. I read online transplanting the seedlings to bigger pots and burying the stems with soil up to just under the bottom of the first leafs would help stimulate root growth and prevent the stems from bending.

2 Weeks 3 Days:

Critical +

Blue Widow

White Widow


I'm a little bit concerned about the plants progress. I'm only 2 weeks and 3 days in, so I guess I'm just being unrealistic about the speed of growth. I think YouTube videos and other peoples photos have given me the impression these plants grow massive quickly.

I'm monitoring each plant closely. It's rain season in my country right now so there's a lot of overcast / clouds and not much sun. :( Also I'm growing outdoors in my vegetable garden which is risky but I live in a rather large city so trying to find a safe place to keep an eye on the plants is difficult! Also the plants are between two 3-storey buildings, so they're getting day light, but actual sun hitting the plants is limited to when the sun is overhead.

My plan right now is to let them bush out a little more and move them to my grow location which to be honest, I'm still looking in to.

How much time do you think I have before I need to get these ladies in the ground?

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think.



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One of my White Widows has this white spotting on the large leaves.

Does anyone know what these could be?





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it may be from the water droplets on the leaves magnifying the light and burning the leaves in spots. have a good look on the underside of the leaves to make sure you do not have any insects or insect eggs on your leaves.

Thanks for the reply KingJohnC. I had a look under the leaves of the White Widow and one of the others that also had some white spots but not many. I haven't got a magnifying glass but from what I saw, there didn't seem to be any eggs under the leaves. So I'm going to go with water droplets burning the leaves for now, as it has rained quite a bit recently, though I didn't think there would be enough sun light to cause any burning.

I'll keep checking on them daily, but would it be ok to spray on some garlic/Tabasco mix on to the underside of the leaves? I've read that kind of mix might help irritate bugs from congregating on the plants, but not sure if it's suitable for my seedlings. Want to remain as organic as possible throughout my grow.

On a side note, while checking the leaves I got a nice smell from the White Widow. :laugh:


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Spider mites hate garlic or even a chive plant if you can get one the repel them

Thanks for the suggestion Coke420, not sure if I can get my hands on a chive plant, but the garlic is definitely doable.

I'm going to try this organic bug repellent recipe consisting of Tabasco and Garlic first and see if that has any effect. Admittedly I have bought a chemical repellent and may use that if things get really out of hand but want to keep this grow as organic as possible and have no intention of using chemical repellent at such an early stage.

In the mean time. I put an insect screen over the seedlings for a few reasons: prevent insects from munching on my plants, reduce the amount of water my plants have been getting from the rainy season and make the plants less noticeable.

They're still very much seedling babies and a passer by probably won't think twice about what they could be, but if anyone was to have a closer look and touch / smell them. Then the jig would be up. :(



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3 Week Update

Hi everyone, it's been 3 weeks since I planted the seeds and thought I'd update you all (Coke 420 and KingJohnC, :p) on the progress of my ladies.

They're coming along nicely, starting to bush out more and I'm seeing more leaf development. My country is still sadly in rain season which has kept a constant overcast of cloud over my garden for over a week now, yet the ladies all seem to be keeping healthy and have a good colour. No stem leaning or leaf drooping yet apart from perhaps the additional weight on the leaves caused by the rain.

Critical + 3 Weeks

Blue Widow - 3 Weeks

White Widow - 3 Weeks

AK47 - 3 Weeks

I've found 2 relatively decent grow locations scouted out and am planning on moving my ladies there later this week. I'm confident the root growth has gotten to the point that it would be ok to transplant them now but what do you think? Still too soon?

Thanks for reading.

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your plants are looking good. i think it more depends on how long of a grow season you have to get your plants in the ground then how large the roots are. i believe the larger of your plants can be transplanted now.

Cheers for the post KingJohnC. I was thinking the bigger plants could probably be transplanted now as well. This whole week is going to be raining, so it's probably the best time to do in my opinion.

My grow season is until early October when I hope to harvest them.

Do you know of any feed or nutrients to feed my ladies that would be released over a period of time. I'd like to try and avoid having to go out and feed the plants as much as possible. While I feel the locations I've chosen are good, it's not very convenient for me to go out there on say a daily basis. Even a weekly basis might be a bit annoying.

I'm quite happy to just plant them in and let nature takes it course for better or for worse but anything I can do initially to better the odds in the plants favour would be ideal.




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Well the following photos I am not at all proud of but I had to get these ladies into the final grow spot.

Basically I had my ladies growing in my vegetable garden and was getting increasingly more concerned about the plants bushing out and starting to show their Cannabis like features. There was no smell yet, but touching the leaves of the seedlings you could clearly smell what these plants were off your fingers. I had the insect net over them as well which helped keep the bugs out but I was concerned about adequate light hitting the plants during the day. Strong winds and heavy rain also kept knocking the tent down onto the seedlings which wasn't helping them at all.

Finally paranoia. Despite having the plants under a insect net which concealed them, I was just having a bad time knowing they were easily accessible by anyone. I had to keep telling myself no one would ever be that curious to go into my vegetable garden and have a look but I guess because my vegetable garden could technically be access by anyone walking by and also the severe punishment of simply having any amount of Cannabis on you in this country. I just had to get these plants into their final grow spot, out of sight. Seriously, I would lose sleep just knowing these plants were outside in the open.

The following photos are of the seedlings in their final grow space. I decided to grow them in large pots in the forest. I didn't find the ground to be suitable enough to plant them and it would have taken up way too much time to dig holes for all 10 plants. Basically bad preparation on my side led to some last minute changes.

Also transplanting the seedlings was a horrible process. The soil wasn't keeping shape and 3 of the plants just crumpled in my hand. I think one of them was ok, but the other two I highly doubt survived the transplant.

Critical + - 3 Weeks 2 Days.
When transplanting these two, the soil just crumbled out of the pot. So yea. I'm not at all confident these have survived the transplant. :(

Blue Widow - 3 Weeks 2 Days.
Transplant went slightly better but still was a very drama filled experience.

White Widow - 3 Weeks 3 Days
Transplant went well with the first one but the other seedling was the weakest of all the 10 plants and heavy wind in the days before just destroyed the little girl. So she never even made it to the final grow location.


AK47 - 3 Weeks 3 Days
Transplant went well but the leaves were drooping massively and despite good root development I think the trauma of being transplanted might have taken its toll on the health of the plants.

So out of the 10 seedlings, 1 confirmed dead [White Widow], most likely 2 more dead [Critical +] from bad transplanting and the remaining 7 are very much at the mercy of mother nature now. Like I said at the beginning of this journal, I'm learning as I go but I could have done this so much better. In fact I know I could of, but in hindsight I didn't really plan this out well and paranoia of getting caught may of led to transplanting too early. I gotta say though, I'm really glad they're no longer in my vegetable garden.

I'm quite happy now to check on them on a weekly basis. I know that's not ideal. These plants need a lot of TLC but I'm quite happy with mother nature deciding what their fate should be now. I think if this grow goes to shit, then my next grow will be indoors in a controlled environment out of sight. I think that would be a lot more manageable and be of peace of mind.

Again sorry for the upsetting photos, no one is more upset about those than me. :(


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