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4 weeks from harvest should i germinate now


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ok i currently have 6 ppp in week 6 of flowering i have 2 boxes going 1 with 600w hps. 1 with 4 40w 48in floresents daylight spectrum . i have 12 ppp clones in this which are well rooted my question is when should i germinate my new seeds im thinking this week or next . but im worred about timing once i harvest in march ill need the box for the week to dry the current grow. but when i started the first batch 2 took off like bandits and the other four were very slow to take off so now i have 2 plants that are taller then the rest . making my light go up futher from the plant canopy. i want to remidy this issue but will probably not be able to fix it since my new batch is a variety sativa mix from greenhouse seeds.
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