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400 Aquila LED HO 400 Soil Grow


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week one is almost over these guys are 15'' x 15'' and starting to develople many hairs that wiil become colas ive got my aquila 400 HO 2 feet away from the tops, i also have a 250 watt hps pointed up diagonally from the floor on one side of the plant . i was rotating every 3 hours but now im just going to sea saw 2/3 of the plants in a half circle and let the back of the box be the weak side of the plants. they are each using about a gallon of water a day,ph to 6.0 rh is 38% in the day and rises to about 45% lights out. 75 degrees- 79 light on an down to about 72 at night. wish it would cool a little more but oh well. im using liquid karma and pro grow and im dosing with aza max every third water wich is about once a week

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