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400 hps + 400 mh vs 1000 hps cool tube opinions pls for flower


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Currently in veg running 400 hps 17 hrs a day and 400 mh 18 (I thought an extra 30 min of mh before and after hps on off slightly simulated sun set and sun rise). After I decided to go from 24 hour to that switch I got explosive growth at 1/2 inch to an inch a day. I assume the dark cycle helped root growth and final got on track with nutes as well so it could have been many factors. Anyway I am planning on using 1000 hps for flowering, my question is should I be increasing watt in flowering, will losing the blue spectrum effect negatively in flowering or should I just add the 1000 cause I have extra hoods and ballist for each.

8 plants 8x6x10
Half white widow x shark bite
Half atomic nl (good newb strains)
Temps are 74-80
Humidity 60-90 (I run dehumidifier bit can't be home all day to empty tray do it rises and drops a lot)
It actually reminds me of living in the south in the summer
Nutes are compost brew
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