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400 Watt pressure sodium help


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1. I have a sprinkler located in the center of a 10 x 10 feet closet. I want to run one 400 Watt HPS system, will it set it off ???

2. How much more of electricity bill will I rack up if i use a 400 Watt system during 12/12 in a month period? and how many plants can a 400 watt system illuminate?

3. I just recently moved into a single unit appartment in the city. My first month bill came out to about 53$, it was pro-rated for 20-25 days since i moved in the middle of the month. Will running the 400 watt system be a wise thing to do.

4. two of my plants seems to be over-watered. What are the signs of overwatering and what can u do about it?



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The room shouldn't get over 80-85 degrees...lower if you have good ventilation. Thos sprinkler heads are set off by heat...like 1200 degrees. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

You could probably run a 1000 watter and and not get noticed.

overwatering - stop watering so much, cultivate the top of the soil, increase ventilation
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