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400W from 250W ballast?


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Ok, so my friend is letting me borrow his switchable system. He said he went to the store, told the people that he wanted a 400W system, and they gave him a system with a 400MH bulb and a 400W HPS. The other day when I was doin my buisness(the light hangs over my tub), I was reading the hood and it says "Sunleaves Pulsar Mini Two-Way Fixture, 250 W Halide/Sodium"
Another place it says 250W MH/HPS. The ballast for this light is actually located in the hood, and it doesent give off much heat, leading me to believe that it is a 250. Also, the light is not as bright as any other 400W MH I have seen before.

I guess my question is if a 250W ballast will but out 400W from a 250W ballast? Im thinking no just by common sense, but the guy whose it is swears that the guy in the store told him it would work. Just a thought...
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