400w HPS/MH cabinet plan of attack


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Hey y'all I'm new to the forum but have been reading your posts frequently for the past year. Now I finally have a reason to begin posting, myself!
I am a newbie grower with the tiniest bit of experience. (Helped a friend once)
I'd like to begin by proudly saying I'VE FINALLY PURCHASED MY GROW LIGHT!
From doing lots of research I've noticed that people have big yields using HPS. Not to say you can't with cfl, I've seen plenty claims online. So here's what I went with..

Apollo Horticulture 400 watt HPS/MH
-includes 1 HPS and 1 MH bulb. (Don't know specifics! I'll get back to ya!)
-cool tube hood set for planned mini duct
-basic plug timer
-Mylar emergency blankets for no wasted light!
-cheapo PH/ moisture tester
-FOX FARM soil trio!

Other than that, I've got nothing!
I plan to make a grow box doubled as a pedestal for my 40 gal snake tank.
The dimensions will be
36"x18"x42" tall?(not sure about height. Give me your input!)
I plan on housing between 1 and 2 plants in the box since each plant needs AT LEAST 1 sqft.
Scrog & topping and fimming are all options for me.
Heck, if I can do it right, maybe even clone my mommys!

But here's where I would like some personal input from you all!

I plan to grow a strain that will lessen the fatigue and debilitating effects of my anxiety.

Nirvana's feminized Northern Lights and Papaya from Attitude Seeds are the ones I'm most strongly considering.
-have a decent to high yield
-don't smell too strong (smell is of concern)
-hardy with temperature
-good for LST and other advanced plant mod
-have read good things online from other anxiety patients!

Correct me if I'm wrong with any of my info, please! Just don't be too harsh on a fella

Now pretend this is your grow and tell me how you'd set it up to yield the highest quality medicine I can grow while being cautious of my close living quarters as I am in an apartment! (DAMN)

To what specs would you build the cabinet?
How would you ventilate it efficiently without spending high dollar?
What size pots?
Approximately what height could the plants reach in that size space?
What training would you suggest?

I appreciate all input, as I am very excited to get started on my first grow!
Don't worry, I plan on making this a well documented and PHOTOGRAPHED grow.

:welcome: Great introduction:thumb: all your answers are in the "Journals" I wish I could help with your plan but I'm an "outdoor guy" for the most part. You will get answers to your questions here, just be patient, you are on the right road to success from what I read. Best of luck to you, don't expect 100% success on your first grow, it's amazing how much I learn here every week, you will be learning A LOT when you get started and start sharing/asking. Post some pics of the space you plan to build on, that will help get you some input. Check out what these 2 guys (Spimp & Ricorico) have shared, they have been a great help to me. :Namaste:
Nice to meet you Thrichomes, thanks for stopping by.
As you can tell I am eager to get my hands dirty! Or sticky rather.

I have done a lot of reading in the journals and many people argue that you simply can't keep roughly a 3x1.5x4ft tall box cool enough with a powerful light like a 400 watt HPS/MH

My thought behind the 400 watt was that I could always fun the light to 50% if completely necessary. I don't want to stress my plants out if I don't have to. (I'm aware I said I would crop earlier and that IS stress) but heat can be the demise of my whole grow in the end and I don't want that risk. I do have a 6"duct hood and would like to find a cheap 6" fan to place at the end of it to draw heat away. If I can get away with a 12" box fan at the other end of the grow box it would be ideal! (What do you think?)

I am leaning toward using LST to really take advantage of the light I ordered. It sounds like you will produce bud on the stem an inch above soil. LST would also allow me to keep my plants further away from the lights. If I can learn over time to keep each plant below 18" while still producing 2+ oz I would be quite the happy camper! I don't think that's all unreasonable, do you?
Keep in mind I do have fox farm trio and have researched people's procedures/results.

So in the end, main concern: HEAT.
I am willing to grow only 1 plant if I need more box fans.

OH and for LST plants below 18" at the end of flower, would you recommend feminized or autoflowering? I'm just afraid I won't be able to veg the autos to the circumference of the pot like I plan.

Thanks for your help!
Damn if only I could free write like this in my English comp class last year.. That A would've come a lot easier! Haha, oh well it's just easy to write about what you love.
Anybody have experience using electromagnetic security on a door for a closet grow? Considering this alternative to building a box. (Better height)

I figure even a super landlord can't pull a door open with an 800lb magnet holding it shut. Not that they would need to open it, I just would like that PEACE OF MIND
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